Gillian Anderson, Jack Gold become Honorary Associates of LFS

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a bit of news. Congratulations to Gillian Anderson on this well-deserved honor!

Gillian Anderson, Jack Gold become Honorary Associates of LFS

8 December, 2010 | By Wendy Mitchell

Mike Leigh and LFS director Ben Gibson to present awards at graduation ceremony on Friday.

Actress Gillian Anderson and director Jack Gold will be named Honorary Associates of The London Film School at the School’s annual graduation ceremony at the National Gallery on Friday.

Previous recipients of the honour include Stephen Frears, Lynne Ramsay, Pawel Pawlikowski, Mike Figgis, Abbas Kiarostami, Amma Asante, Jeremy Thomas, Tessa Ross, Samantha Morton and Jim Broadbent.

LFS chairman and Associate Mike Leigh and director Ben Gibson will present the awards. Chrissy Bright, a staff member for 21 years, will also be awarded an Honorary Associateship on her retirement.

Anderson and Gold will then award Associateships to 68 graduates of the School’s MA Filmmaking, MA Screenwriting and Fast Forward programmes.

Anderson, whose father attended LFS, said: “I certainly do not feel as if my work thus far has warranted this honour but I can promise that I will do my very best to live up to it in the years ahead.”

Jack Gold replied, “What an honour and privilege to become an Honorary Associate of The London Film School. I’ve been involved with the school for over 40 years and I’m constantly full of admiration for, and excitement about, the accomplishments by its students”


2 responses to “Gillian Anderson, Jack Gold become Honorary Associates of LFS

  1. It’s great to see that GA – who hasn’t stayed on the singular path of episodic TV and instead has tested and grown her acting skills in indie films and plays – has been recognized for her talents. Also, it’s refreshing to see that unlike so many actors who take for granted their accolades, she remains unassuming, not just through her words but by her life, generating interest in the causes close to her heart rather than reckless activities that bring tabloids close. 

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