LAX-Files Review

I should preface this by saying that I’m not usually one for crew anecdotes, blooper reels, or anything in reality that might potentially interfere with the “reality” of the show. Did so and so hate filming that episode? I don’t want to know. Was there a fight? La la la! I can’t hear you! But LAX-Files is an exception to my rule.

This book is a labor of love dedicated to the memory of the late, great Kim Manners, a director without whom The X-Files probably wouldn’t be as iconic as it is today. Erica Fraga has compiled a loving assortment of memories, related by cast, crew and fan alike, chronicling the Los Angeles era of the show. Sadly, 20th Century Fox nixed the use of many of the private photographs that had been donated to the project, so Kim Manners isn’t featured as prominently as originally intended. Still, it’s a great compilation and all proceeds from the book are going to The American Cancer Society at the request of the family of Kim Manners. I can’t think of a better tribute.

What about the content, you ask? Everyone from David Duchovny to Prop Guy #2 gets a chance to wax nostalgic over the best TV show ever. The stories are alternatively touching, revealing and funny. Here’s a fun excerpt from a fan working as an extra on the episode Hollywood A.D.:

“David came in dressed in a tux and looking fabulous,” recalls Little Star. “He told us the plot of the episode and then showed us part of The Lazarus Bowl. It didn’t have sound so David narrated it for us. David told us to react to the movie as if it’s the greatest movie we’d ever seen. David was great as a director but someone should have told the Assistant Director (AD) that David is a very personal director. Before a scene, David addressed all the extras himself and told us exactly what to do. He then disappeared behind the monitors to watch the scene being filmed. The AD then came out and gave us the exact same instructions. While he was still talking to us, David stepped out from behind the monitors and watched the AD with a bemused smile. When the AD finished, David stepped forward again to address us and said, ‘So on this one…’ everyone started laughing at the prospect of hearing the same thing for a third time.”

This isn’t only a memory book, though. If you’ve ever thought of taking an X-Files road trip, this is your guide. All of the filming locations that remain are documented with photos and/or addresses. Some locations have already gone the way of the Dodo and those get honorable mentions.

Bottom line? For those of us who never had the chance to visit the set of The X-Files, now we know what it was like.

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One response to “LAX-Files Review

  1. Sounds like a spectacular book. Thanks for posting this review! I think there’s a spot for reviews on Amazon… If you leave a précis of this on their comment blog, be sure to include the link to YOUR blog!

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