Musings of an X-Phile’s “Can’t Get Enough X-Files” Contest!!

I’m happy to announce Musings of an X-Phile’s first ever contest!

Still can’t believe, nearly a decade later, that there won’t be another episode of The X-Files? Are you desperately trying to ease the ache with unfulfilling fanfic? Are two movies and a handful of paperback novels not enough to stop the craving?

Never fear. We have a prize pack of X-Files themed goodies to help fill the void:

1. The X-Files (Comic Collection)

I’m sure many of you already know that as a companion to the release of IWTB back in 2008, Frank Spotnitz took part in writing 6 new editions of X-Files comics. They are a far sight better than the run-of-the-mill comics that were released some years ago. And now they’ve been packaged together into a single volume. Unlike what you find in most of the fanfic out there, Mulder and Scully feel like Mulder and Scully again! Wisely, the time these stories take place is during the “classic” X-Files period, somewhere around Season 5 judging from their hairstyles. The artwork is superb. Somehow they were able to capture the nuances of expression that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were so good at. There are also a lot of series references, winks to the fans that will make you smile when you notice them. While it doesn’t make up for the great on-screen chemistry we can only get from the actors, all in all, this volume offers a welcome relief from bloated fanfic and is perfect for reminiscing with a cup o’ joe! You can see a longer review here.

2. The Lone Gunmen: The Complete Series

Who doesn’t miss these guys?? If you never caught the series when it aired (I confess I didn’t either) I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This short-lived show had a lot of humor and a lot of heart. And most importantly, it gives us more of the Lone Gunmen!! Feel like you didn’t see them enough on The X-Files proper? Miss Melvin, Ringo and John? Need to laugh? Pull up a chair and tune in. Oh, and there’s a surprise, unlisted cameo that’ll be sure to give you the warm, X-File fuzzies.

3.   LAX-Files by Erica Fraga

This book is a labor of love dedicated to the memory of the late, great Kim Manners, a director without whom The X-Files probably wouldn’t be as iconic as it is today. Erica Fraga has compiled a loving assortment of memories, related by cast, crew and fan alike, chronicling the Los Angeles era of The X-Files. Everyone from David Duchovny to Prop Guy #2 gets a chance to wax nostalgic over the best TV show ever. The stories are alternately touching, revealing and funny. Like me, you might not be able to hop on a plane and go to the coolest freaking signing event ever, but you can read along! Again, the full review is here.

Yes, the winner gets all three items!!!

Here’s how to enter:
1 – In the comments section of this post let me know why you still can’t get enough of The X-Files.
2 – You can get an extra entry by becoming a fan of the blog on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr or all three! You’ll get one entry for each. If you become a fan, or if you’re already a fan, be sure to note that in your comment! Email and RSS subscriptions count too.
3 – Blog or tweet about this contest. Just be sure to link to your post/tweet in your comment.

The deadline for entries is May 6th at 11 PM EST. The winner will be chosen completely at random and will be announced Sunday May 8th.

The not-so fine print: You are entering to win one (1) X-Files themed prize pack. This contest is sponsored and fulfilled by Musings of an X-Phile only. This contest is not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with 20th Century Fox, 1013 productions, or any other company with money in the bank. The prize is non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash. Once contacted, the winner has 72 hours to claim the prize. International entrants welcome!


27 responses to “Musings of an X-Phile’s “Can’t Get Enough X-Files” Contest!!

  1. mulder was the 1st tv fbi profiler along with millenium frank black
    now tv is full of fbi profilers
    x-files were the out of relm stories bring em back

    • The X-Files is such a rich, dull of emotion, amazing storytelling. It will always obtain my interest. I can watch episodes and speak about the show many times. It was such a big part of my childhood. Just like Carter said it’s like a mini-movie each week. The show was so smart, intelligent and just fun to watch. It has paved the way for various shows that are on television now, but it is not the same. X-Files is unique!

  2. LOVE this! And I still love Our Heroes! My internet handle is xfileluv and I still proudly use it today. I was a shipper from the beginning and am happy knowing that Mulder and Scully have sailed off into the sunset together. Sort of. Heh.

    I am on Facebook with you, and I will Tweet this as well. I will post it on my blog and on my FB wall, too, to help spread the love. I think the prizes are AWESOME, especially given this is your first contest. I don’t have any of them and I have a ‘tween son who is also a Phile, so….fingers crossed! xoxoxo

  3. I can never get enough xfiles! In large part because it reminds me of being a part of such an amazing community….#x-files and #gilliananderson on mIRC, and being around for the beginning of GAWS (oh cyndi s where are you now??!) Those where the days!
    Also, I’m a fan of this blog on FB. And about to go friend ya on twitter and tumblr, cuz I need more xf in my life!

  4. Hi there! Am already a fan on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s my linkage:!/MaggieMooAtYou

    I fell in love with the series because it presented something that was SO different and yet relatable. I can only imagine how many people entered the science world, the law enforcement world, etc., because of this show. To this day, even though I’ve seen it all, I STILL jump when the Peacock clan shows up onscreen, or Leonard Betts sheds his skin, and I still tear up when Mulder and Scully hug in “Memento Mori.” The characters are loveable to this day, and I am still inspired by the stories to do my own story-telling.

  5. I got into The X-Files when I was about 12. It was the first thing I ever got so obsessed about and still loving it so much today. I re-watched the whole show again because I missed it so much and now my re-watch is over and I’m not ready to let go again yet so I started all over AGAIN. Scully is my hero and my first girl crush ever (although I didn’t realise it at the time), FTF has always been my favorite movie ever and I could go on for hours really why I love this show and why I can’t get enough of it. It’s just pure awesomeness. Everything.

    Also I liked, tweeted and reblogged.

  6. Ellen Harrington

    I’m a fan on facebook. I can’t get enough of The X-Files because it was a superbly written show with two characters that were full of depth and very dynamic. Even the other characters had layers that you can’t find on other shows. The plot development was not predictable and the mytharc was intriguing. The Monster of the Week episodes were imaginative and usually funny in a twisted way. Finally, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s chemistry and acting ability were an unbeatable combination.

  7. I love how the show engages me, even after all these years. The plotlines, the mytharc, the characters…all are finely crafted to exemplify the best of television.!/XFilesUniverse

  8. Two Words: Red Speedo.

    BTW, your blog rocks.

  9. I believe the question is why I can’t get enough of the X-Files? Where do I even begin? I started watching the X-Files in early season 5 , my first ep I saw was Detour. The scene in the forest and Scully singing Three Dog Night, I was hooked from that moment. David and Gillian have a chemistry that just hasn’t been duplicated and if it were up to me Mulder and Scully would still be on TV. I read the fanfic I even rped Scully on other sites. To me the X-files is timeless, and if it weren’t for Mulder and Scully, most of the shows you see now wouldn’t have been created. Why can’t I get enough X-Files? Because Chris Carter got me addicted and now he needs to get Movie 3 going. And for the record, Mulder in red speedos was definately worth seeing.

  10. I discovered X-Files right at the same time I started to become aware of Star Wars. It was these two that made me fall in love with Sci-fi/fantasy. I can never get enough of the intricate plot lines, trying to figure out the mystery, or longing for a connection like Mulder and Scully share. Not to mention that Mulder is the perfect man 😉
    PS- I have the blog liked on Facebook.

  11. Emily Michelle

    The X-Files had everything: horror, humor, romance, friendship, bad pant suits. They took your typical cop show, with all the inherent mystery and danger and crime solving and chase scenes and shootouts, and added crazy sci-fi twists, unpredictable plots, an ambitious mythology, and two main characters that you absolutely love (and wait impatiently for them to absolutely love each other). And it’s the last part that matters; I always love the plots, but the fact is that I would very happily watch Mulder and Scully eat potato chips for an hour.

  12. Because I want to see Mulder and Scully together forever! I also miss creepy monsters, dark myths, and even its theme song 😉

  13. So many reasons. Actually i watched the show maybe like 7 or 8 times, and at every new view, i notice something new. Why am i obsessed by the X-Files ? Wow, i could keep writing lol.

    First, the actors. Two people, one man, one woman at the same level, equal. They have two different point of views and reasons but the same goal : Find out the truth. The acting of Duchovny and Anderson was just brilliant. Especially for Gillian who got his first big role. Even the “secondary” characters were so nicely introduced, developped (CSM, lone gunmen, Skinner, Krycek and so on) that it brought the show to a whole new level.

    Then, the plot. Where the hell, on TV now, can you find a storyline that solid ? I mean, i had to watch the show maybe 4 times to finally understand fully the mythology. And even after, some thing remained hard for me to get. I think the authors gave us one of the most thick plot ever seen on TV.

    Paranormal is treated as “something that could happen” in the show, which brings me to my third point : The creep-out factor.
    Watching XF when i was kind when it first aired back in the early 90’s was somehow hard for me. Not because i didnt like it, but because it really scared the crap out of me. But i couldnt help, i just loved it. No TV show or movie scared me that much. (with a special mention to the stand-alone episodes, Tooms, and so on).

    I could extend that list to a hundred reasons maybe, but I don’t think that’s necessary : For me, the X-Files have been a turning point in my TV/movie experience, it really hooked me in a second, and i couldnt do without after. For that reason, i could not thank the producers, authors, actors, everyone who took part in that project enough for what they did to me.

  14. Why I love The X Files? Have you got all day?

    C’mon, to this day it is so unlike anything done on television, its mixture of genre, storytelling, styles and confidant filmmaking is the definition of classic and because of the groundbreaking work it done, it’s a pioneer in what television could accomplish. Think about it, if there were no X Files then there would be no Buffy, no Angel, no Alias, no Lost, no Heroes, no Fringe, etc, etc. The progenitor is The X Files, the launching ship for mythologised, cinematic television, and oh yes, it features the best looking twosome to ever appear on the box.

    That chemistry, mixed with those stories, that atmosphere, Mark Snow’s music, John Bartley, Joel Ransom and Bill Roe’s photography, The X Files is a package I could and never will get enough of. Anytime I watch the show it takes me back to those carefree teen years of mine when the show was on the air, when my back wall in my bedroom was practically a shrine to the series, my bookshelf taken up with videos, books and the like, or the excitment I felt when the series took to the big screen and I got my hands on the action figures. The X Files is not just another television show to me, it’s the biggest pop culture love of my life and as Emma Thompson says in Love, Actually, “true love lasts a lifetime.”

  15. Hi Guys,
    The show continues to be iconic after time’s passage.
    I was there from the beginning and watched the characters grow…and we grew with them…they had their trials and tribulations and we had ours…

    What other show influenced so many in many different ways…whether it was your search for the truth ( in religion or life), whether you were searching for your Mulder or
    Scully ( your perfect opposite), or whether the show taught you life lessons and you wanted to live life to your fullest “The X-Files Way !”

    So we are the lucky ones to have been blessed with a show that continues to inspire !!

    Thanks to CC, FS, Cast and Crew , but especially DD and GA who brought the characters to LIFE…



  16. I started watching The X-Files in 1997 when I was just 5 years old and I never stopped watching! I was obsessed. I religiously programmed the VCR to record episodes and would watch those 2 dozen VHS tapes that I made all the time. It’s funny to look back on that now that I have the whole series on DVD…

    Because it has been over a decade since I fell in love with the series, I often wonder why I still can’t get enough of it. On the one hand, the episodes are obviously brilliant and the writing never gets old. Plus watching Mulder and Scully is like revisiting old friends. But I also think it’s because it became so much more than a show. Like many philes, I got into the online scene years ago and it has opened up a whole world beyond just watching episodes. We’ve made great real life friends because of The X-Files and can discuss so much more than plotlines and characters.

    Followed on Twitter (and accepted your request from long ago!) and tweeted:!/RitaRoobias/status/66036888196231168
    Also subscribed to the blog via email and liked it on Facebook (I’m “Marita Covarrubias” on there)

    Thanks for the contest 😀 So excited to read this blog…

  17. Why can’t I get enough?
    Because XF gave me so many happy moments over the years, so many meories, a few scares and a lot of excitement. I was never much into sci fi but I was fascinated with XF from the beginning despite my parents remarks about “science-fiction crap”. It was different from anything I’d ever seen on TV and the relationship of Mulder & Scully was unique from the start. I watched from Sept 5 1994 when it first aired in Germany and I was 15. Dana Scully was a very inspiring and influencing character for my teenage self. I grew up with X-Files, first fascinated, then obsessed, a shipper from the end of season 1. Mulder and Scully showed me trust, friendship, love and a lot more. But then there were also the complex stories and the pseudo-scientific explanations that made it more down-to-earth than Star Trek and I couldn’t help but think “this could really happen, couldn’t it?” on more than one occasion.
    But the X-Files also gave me angry moments and memories. I was disappointed that the series continued after DD quit (or half-quit). For me, XF was about Mulder and Scully’s quest. But continuing in Seasons 8 & 9 was about making money. Guess I’m too idealistic sometimes. I’ve become reconciled over the years and now only the good things remain.
    I can’t get enough and I want more, and I can’t wait to pass my love for The X-Files on to my kids when they’re old enough!
    I’ve got this blog among my likes on facebook as well. Now I have my fingers crossed, heck, I’d even pay the shipping costs to Europe.

  18. Simply put, it has helped me survive life over the years. It may sound extreme but it is the truth. The XF saying of “Dont give up” has touched me deeper than anything and I’ve used it as a mantra for many things. x

  19. I watch because my wife watches. We’ve been watching since the show first started. The show is still good, one of the best that has ever been made. The movies were good too. I really liked I Want to Believe and it was great to see the characters again.

    I also liked you on facebook.

  20. Forgot to mention I follow on FB and Tumblr x

  21. Im fan & follower on Twitter. What can I say about the XF,the show that has created a basis for all shows today to follow. I was a teen when the show began, I found myself watching mostly at first because I found DD to be hot (teen remember). By the end of the pilot I was hooked. It was like nothing I had ever seen, the dynamics between M&S, D&G was astounding. The writing brillant. I found myself invested & terrified all at the same time. It was a show for a generation, a show that has neither be duplicated or matched. For 10 yrs I sat glued to my TV, recording & rewatching every episode. Why today am I still hooked?? I fell in love w/ the characters the heartache, love, hate, passion, all of it and that feeling has never changed. Even now watching I can still find something new in every episode that I missed before. To this day no show has ever reached the caliber of writing, acting or directing that this show demostrated. Simply put the XF is like coming home after being gone for a very long time.

  22. The X-Files is the love of my life. There wasn’t, isn’t and won’t ever be another show like this one. I lived for X-Files, couldn’t get enough of it and it is the one constant thing in my otherwise boring life. I will continue re-watching the episodes for as long as I live, hoping for new movies and wishing the show was still running. I even tatooed the FTF logo on my back just to be able to have XF with me everywhere I go. Following on Facebook (well, in about five seconds will ;P) and subscribed here 🙂

  23. There’d never been anything like The X-Files before, and there probably never will be again. Wit, humor, intelligently written, intriguing standalone plots and a mytharc that always kept me coming back for more. The two leads had more chemistry than you could shake a stick at, and the supporting cast was damned near perfection. I get depressed every time I think about how it’s OVER, and I think I always will. Time does NOT heal all wounds, sadly.

  24. This contest is long over, but I feel the need to speak my piece. The X-Files was a wonderfully written show with a vast amount of chemistry between the two best leads they could have picked. I grew up with this show and it informed a lot of my tastes in science fiction, crime procedurals, and drama in general. I owe a great debt to everyone who made The X-Files as wonderful as it was and the fandom for enhancing my experience immeasurably with blogs like these.

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