Musings of an X-Phile’s “Snowed by Mark Snow” Contest

Alright, Philes. It’s that time again!

As I’m sure you already know, this month La-La Land Records released The X-Files: Volume One, a limited edition 4 CD box set showcasing some of the best music Mark Snow created over 9 seasons of The X-Files.  There were only 3,000 copies produced but it’s not too late. So if you haven’t grabbed one yet, get yourself over to their website. They even ship internationally.

The extra special part is that the first 400 of those 3,000 units sold were signed by Mr. Man Mark Snow himself! Perhaps you ordered your copy but just a few minutes too late and missed out on a signed copy, or maybe your budget for the month of May wouldn’t allow you to both feed your family and your X-Files habit and you’re just hoping that they don’t sell out completely before you’re able to afford a copy… I know how you feel. And that’s why I’m excited to announce that the prize for this month’s contest is… one of the signed copies of The X-Files Box Set!!

It just so happens that I ordered 2 sets, but as no one in my family will be needing one I’m happy to pass on the joy to another fan. The signed cover comes in a separate sleeve and has to be inserted. The box set itself is unopened.

And just in case you haven’t been convinced of its awesomeness, check out Eamon’s review over at “I Made This” here.

So if you missed out or are being thwarted by the thinness of your wallet, never fear. Musings of an X-Phile is here. *cheeky grin*.

Here’s how to enter:
1 – In the comments section of this post tell the world about your favorite piece of music/musical moment on The X-Files.
2 – You can get an extra entry by becoming a fan of the blog on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr or all three! You’ll get one entry for each. If you become a fan, or if you’re already a fan, be sure to note that in your comment! Email and RSS subscriptions count too.
3 – Blog or tweet about this contest. Just be sure to link to your post/tweet in your comment.

The deadline for entries is June 3rd at 12 PM EST. The winner will be chosen by a random drawing and will be announced Sunday June 5th.

The not-so fine print: You are entering to win one (1) The X-Files: Vol. One: Limited Edition (4-CD Box Set). This contest is sponsored and fulfilled by Musings of an X-Phile only. This contest is not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with 20th Century Fox, 1013 productions, La-La Land Records, Mark Snow or anyone else with talent and influence. The prize is non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash. Once contacted, the winner has 72 hours to claim the prize before we move on to the next name! Package will be shipped via FedEx.


27 responses to “Musings of an X-Phile’s “Snowed by Mark Snow” Contest

  1. My favorite has to be in redux part 1, where scully’s in front of the committee explaining mulder’s “suicide,” and the music is welling up behind her, becoming more and more desperate and insistent, and then her nose starts bleeding.

    It’s devastating, and my favorite episode.

  2. DOH!

  3. Maria Antonietta Forenza

    I’m a fan on FB, Twitter and tumblr!
    And my fav musical part is, no doubts, Redux theme, it is sooo moving!

  4. Chelsea (@agentchelsea)

    My favorite is the music from Paper Hearts. It’s very different to all of the other music and I always recognize what episode its from just hearing it. A close runner-up would be Scully’s theme, just because it is WAY different than what you usually hear. It really stands out in an episode.

    (Don’t know how to add a pic, so here’s the link to my Twitter….!/AgentChelsea)

    Already follow on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. 🙂

  5. One of my favorite musical moments was at the end of “Paper Clip,” where Scully is sitting by the empty bed of Melissa, and Mulder is telling her that the truth is still out there; Scully replies she’s heard the truth, now she wants the answers. The music stays with me and it’s one of my favorite pieces.

    Fan on FB and Twitter, receive email updates!!/MaggieMooAtYou

  6. Definitely “adflatus” from The Truth and The Light. Its a beautiful piece from One Breath. I just think its lovely and Gillian’s voice-over from her hypnosis is such a great touch that adds to the music.

    Im definitely one of those who’s wallets says “hell no!” To this set, right now, when everything else in me says” hell yes!” 🙂 I’m a fan on facebook and soon-to-be on twitter.

  7. I’m @ExplodeyFiles on Twitter! Duly following 🙂

    My favourite piece is probably “Scully’s Theme” from season 8. Not my favourite season, but a beautiful piece of music.

  8. george fowler

    i absolutely love the music that plays in the final episode when Mulder and Scully come out into the clearing after their little chat with CSM and Doggett yells ‘Mulder, get out of here!’ and Reyes says ‘they know where you are!”
    and then the music gets all intense as they race towards the cars and the helicopters arrive and it slows to a chilling, operatic-like vocals as the CSM takes his last puff and watches as the helicopters hover there until they start blasting him to pieces and it breaks into its full crescendo and then turns ominous as the two copters fly off into the sunset.
    So chilling and so thematic and climatic. Love it!

  9. I love the music during the last scene of “The Truth,” where Mulder and Scully are holed up in a motel just as they were in the pilot. The piece is so hopeful and beautiful and tragic, and the music is part of the reason this scene made me sob into my pillow as a kid. Also, I love how Mark Snow put undertones of the whistles from the theme music into it… and then when everything fades out, the viewer is left with one last whistle, which also fades away into nothingness. ❤

    Already following you on Tumblr (wrighting), Facebook (Jessie Wright) and Twitter (pbnjessie19) and I blogged about this as well:

  10. marian mulder 79

    is a somewhat difficult decision to make, since I love all the songs that were made throughout the series, but if it is now, there are two: the first is in the movie the x files: fight the future, reaches where mulder scully department and announces that he prefers to give to accept the transfer and send it out behind her and confesses his feelings, the music that make you love me …
    and the second is when you start the 8 th season and scully feels the absence of mulder and begins to accept that it is a miracle pregnancy and more when you enter the bedroom of mulder and hug her clothes to feel her presence and she lies on the bed hoping to hug ..
    this scene in particular I felt a lump in my throat the first time I saw and could not help shedding an occasional tear.
    the hallmark of the series is its music, tailor-made … I love it!

  11. I’ve always loved Mark Snow’s music and I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite moment. As someone else mentioned, the music in Paper Hearts is incredible–I love the syncopated “red dot” music, but the music at the very end when Mulder is looking at that last heart is especially effective–beautiful and haunting, sounding like a scary little children’s choir…
    I also love the music in Post-Modern Prometheus, the kind of carnival-sounding theme. Reminds me of some of the music from the David Lynch movie “The Elephant Man”.
    And there’s one little moment I love from Grotesque, when Mulder’s walking in toward Mostov’s apt/studio. That big kind of stomping intro, followed by that heavy theme in the “strings”. Excellent.

    Which do I like the most??? ARGH! I’ll have to go and become a fan on FB so I can choose!

  12. The very end of Jose Chung’s From Outer Space.
    “Then there are those who care not about extraterrestrials, searching for meaning in other human beings. Rare or lucky are those who find it, for although we may not be alone in the universe; in our own seperate ways, on this planet, we are all….alone.”

    Then the theme plays, but just the key piano notes. Chilling.

  13. First things first, the music was key on X-Files. Not as key as Badalamenti’s (sp) music for Twin Peaks (and most of Lynch’s work), but it did really set the mood. For Snow’s actual music–the carnival-esque music from “PostModern Prometheus” stands out. It’s a little bit Elfman. Yeah, and in that episode there is actual CHER!

    But of course, number 1 is the theme song itself. We all owned a CD of Pure Moods, right?

    But the X-Files music I remember most isn’t Snow– it’s the Johnny Mathis tune from “Home.” I assume that it’s because it’s also used in “Chances Are” (one of my guilty pleasure movies) when Cybill Shepherd and RDJ are about to get it on before Ryan O’Neal walks in and gets panties thrown onto his head.

    This puts me on a weird tangent—how hot would it be to get RDJ and DD in a movie together? My head would fall off if that were to happen.

    Anyway, you know that I pimp out your site through my site and I’m already on the FB blah blah blah. If I wasn’t so lo-fi I’d be twatting and tumblering, but I’m totally lo-fi.

    I do love prizes, though. 😉

    • I can’t pass up the chance to give you virtual dubs over my man Johnny Mathis. Though I understand they used a voice double. Blasphemy, I know.

  14. Mark Snow’s music added that extra element to make XFiles what it is today. I don’t know if I can pick just one song! But trying for the sake of the contest – let me go with Triangle music, Redux, and I am very partial to “The Surgeon.”

    I already “liked” your blog, and I posted about your contest. 🙂

  15. Hmm, my favorite piece of music or musical moment from The X-Files. Hard to narrow it down to just one, and this is why i love soundtracks, because they’re filled with songs for different moods, situations etc., sometimes each character is even given their own theme, and you hear instruments that may be foreign or instruments that you probably haven’t heard before, the type of music you can find on a soundtrack is limitless. But the theme for The X-Files has got to be it for me though, it is so fantastic and well made that it is iconic really…you can go just about anywhere, around anyone and hum or whistle the tune and EVERYONE will get it and know it’s the theme from The X-Files. It added just the perfect amount of ambiance and spookiness to the intro that as soon as you heard it you knew what you were getting into, you knew that this was going to be a show about the paranormal.

    Another one of my favorites, and which comes in second is when Scully firsts meets Mulder in the pilot, the most important scene in the whole show, the tune carries much nostalgia for me, and sets up the most vital part of the whole show…if the tune would not have been as great then it could have turned people off or set the series for failure, but he did not let down.

    And then there’s the sort of theme for The Smoking Man, it plays in episode 24 of season 1, The Erlenmeyer Flask…that tune is so mysterious, and brooding almost, it puts you at a bit of uneasiness and keeps you at the edge of your seat.

    As for non-Mark Snow music, my favorite would be Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand, such a fantastic song and i love the organ, people don’t use organs much, and it’s a shame, they are great. It would be the perfect theme for a villain or someone like The Smoking Man.

    I don’t really Tweet or Blog, so i briefly “reviewed” Mark Snow on GetGlue and put mention of the contest there…you can find my review here(which i posted under my name, Shawn):

    Also, i became a fan on Facebook, followed you on Twitter, and followed the Tumblr via RSS.

  16. Do the movies count? I hope the movies count…I love all of the music, really, but especially the way that the theme was woven into the films. Over and over again. I loved it.

  17. Oh for an edit button! Recently watched a season 8 episode where a childrens lullaby was taken and tweaked for the episode. It took me forever to figure out what song it was, and it was done so, so well. It was off, just a little, but not so much that you couldn’t recognize the tune.

  18. My favorite piece of music from The X-Files is “Scully’s Theme” which was played periodically during the season 8 episodes when Mulder was missing. The song was heartwrenching.

    I’m also a fan on facebook.

  19. Outside of the main theme, which all fans have to love (it’s a requirment, right) I really like Mind Games from the soundtrack to Fight the Future. It’s a longer piece, over 3 minutes I think, and it’s just cool.

    Good luck everyone!


  20. My favorite XF piece of all time HAS to be “Scully’s Theme”. Every time I hear it a well up, (thus proving to be rather embarrassing when on the bus.) I find Mark’s idea simply repeat the words “We are near” genius – it offers the listener the chance to explore the song in their own way. At first I found it haunting and eery, however then I found the words “we are near” as a sort of comfort…and maybe that’s how Scully felt – Mulder will always be close to her…through William(?)

  21. My first favorite music theme is that eerie “tickling” music Mark Snow first used in “Squeeze” when Tooms stretched his limbs etc but it was used in later episodes of season 1 too. It’s just so “X-Files” to me.

    The second favorite would be the sad piano melody played in Redux II during or at the end of the Mulder & Scully hospital scenes. Very sad, haunted my mind for ages.

    Since I don’t have an account for Tumblr or Twitter I can only follow you on facebook, which I do of course. 😉

  22. I’ve always loved the music at the very end of Paper Hearts. Whenever people talk about the music of The X Files, it’s the first piece that comes to mind. I think Mark Snow’s score throughout the episode is really effective. The sort of chiming sound that plays when the red dot appears in Mulder’s dreams was perfect for showing how it lead him to the graves. But the soft music at the end overlayed with what sounds like children’s voices always gets to me. It really lets you feel how vulnerable Mulder was during the episode and his state of mind at the end.

    I became a fan on facebook.

  23. I just became a fan on facebook as well!
    My favorite music isn’t necessarily a moment but a technique that Mark Snow uses. The thing to me that is quintessentially X-Files is the pizzicato strings that first appeared in “Squeeze” that would be played when an event got especially creepy. The use of this technique adds an extra level of interaction between the viewer and the scene; it draws me in and makes me pay attention. When I hear those strings I know something important is about to happen

  24. I forgot to mention my tweet! Just retweeted @explodeyfiles

  25. My favorite music was from the first movie when Mulder was in the bar and they were playing in the background, “1 is the loneliest number…”
    That song just summed up the all the shows and movies.

  26. My favorite musical moment would have to be every time ‘Scully’s Theme’ plays. It’s just so emotional and it channels everyone of her feelings so well. I just love it. Another one would have to be the piece called ‘Rambling Roland’. I’m not sure exactly why I love this soundtrack so much, I just do…in it’s vague way, It’s just beautiful. The fact that ‘Rambling Roland’ is on the PS2 game “Resist or Serve” serves a lot of meaning as well…pretty much every song used on that game I loved. 🙂

    I followed already on Tumblr, and newly on Facebook and Twitter 😀

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