El Mundo Gira 4×11: I just met a girl named Maria.

Remind anyone of their fridge?

This episode always brings back memories of El Chupacabra sightings that made the local news so often when I was in Junior High, sightings that no one outside the Latin American community seemed to take seriously. Funny, but despite its political grandstanding, this episode doesn’t take the legend seriously either.

Last time I watched “El Mundo Gira” I decided I enjoyed it. Maybe I was feeling nostalgic about the Spanish soap operas that I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. I never understood them, but you didn’t need to understand Spanish to pick up on the melodrama. Or maybe I just finally decided that the Chia Pet style fungus in this episode is more satisfying than I had originally thought.

But upon a fresh rewatch and coming off of the notable success that is “Paper Hearts” (4×8), its errors are harder to ignore.

First, and most obviously, Season 4 seems to be when the team at 1013 Productions decided that along with the great power of The X-Files’ success came the great responsibility of social commentary. We saw them try to sneak it in the back door with “Teliko” (4×4) and they’ll soon try to force it in the front in “Unrequited” (4×16). Unlike a movie where they would have a couple of hours to let the story speak for itself and therefore could allow the audience to slowly put the pieces of the message together, a 42 minute running time means that in order to make their point we get heavy-handed lines such as…

Scully: Nobody’s examined the body?
Mulder: Nobody cares, Scully. The victim and many of the witnesses are illegal immigrants, migrant farm workers.


Skinner: You would think that with the resources we have we’d be able to find these men. I’m not hearing a good explanation why this hasn’t happened.
Scully: Well, sir, they have a way of being almost invisible.
Mulder: The truth is… nobody cares.


Scully: Mulder, I know you don’t want to hear this but I think the only aliens in this story are not the villains. They’re the victims.

The only thing Illegal Immigrants and Little Green Men have in common is a word that ties them together by sound, no longer by connotation. Giving the Chupacabra an alien shaped head does not a parallel make, and so it’s hard to choke down what they’re trying to force feed us. On top of that, such a serious pathos undermines the pseudo-comical melodrama of a Spanish soap opera that the episode is trying to imitate, resulting in a haphazard tone a la “Syzygy” (3×13).

It’s already difficult enough to take a distinct cultural legend and translate it to an “alien” audience in a way so that it carries emotional force. That experiment is rarely effective as evidenced by episodes like “Teso Dos Bichos” (3×18) and “Hell Money” (3×19).  But combining serious political observations with the “Mexican soap opera” theme that many may find unfamiliar is a recipe for disconnect.


I still enjoy this one though, despite itself. At the very least it gives us a few memorable lines. And one thing I’ve always loved about The X-Files is how it’s able to give the strange a scientific foothold. This is one of those episodes where neither Mulder nor Scully are correct but together they make a new scientific discovery.

By the end the story morphs yet again, this time into a Rashomon style fairy tale. I can’t help feeling that if they had taken that tone all the way through, it could have been more successful. But then again, “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’” (3×20) has already been done.



If this is a community of illegals, why report Maria’s death at all? Surely that would have brought the cops around long before Mulder and Scully came on the scene.

Best Quotes:

Mulder: Witnesses described a bright flash about 30 degrees off the horizon, then a hot yellow rain fell from a cloudless sky. Fortean researchers call these “liquid falls.” Black and red rains are the most common, but there have also been reported cases of blue, purple and green rains.
Scully: Purple rain?
Mulder: Yeah. Great album. Deeply flawed movie, though.


Agent Lozano: Let’s see… Okay. We have a Jose Feliciano. We have Juan Valdez. We have Cesar Chavez. We have Placido Domingo here. But I don’t see any “Eladio Buente.”


Mulder: They think he’s the Chupacabra.
Agent Lozano: That may be. But I will tell you with a tremendous degree of certainty this guy is not Erik Estrada.


Agent Lozano: This guy is better than Erik Estrada.


Mulder: Scully, I’ve been thinking. I know that’s dangerous, but just bear with me.

18 responses to “El Mundo Gira 4×11: I just met a girl named Maria.

  1. The first time I watched this one, which was back in 1997, I actually enjoyed it, I happened to think it was a hoot. Time has not been kind though. You are right Salome, as always of course, the social commentary here is running rampant, and I didn’t realise how much in the episode and the show until you pointed it out. Once again it’s John Shiban using The X Files as a means of viewing a different culture through the show and once again failing. It’s not as bas as Teso Dos Bichos, mainly because there is genuine humour here and some of it is funny. I love Mulder’s “Maria, MARIA” moment and Scully’s reaction, but I find it hard to disagree with that C rating.

    • I feel like if I hadn’t watched it yet again I might’ve given it something in the B range. But it just goes to show the dangers of close examination.

      Not to pick favorites, but John Shiban wasn’t one of mine… in regards to his solo work, anyway. Except that I absolutely love The Pine Bluff Variant.

  2. I disagree with Mulder. “Purple Rain” was awesome. Appolonia and Morris Day? Hells yeah!
    That being said, that line was the highlight of the episode. FAIL.

    • ROFL! You may not want to type that too loudly.

      That said, I’ve never seen it so I can’t disagree. 🙂

    • Oh man, I quote “Great album. Deeply flawed movie” pretty much every time Purple Rain is mentioned but for some reason never remembered that it was a Mulderism. Priceless.

  3. Ok. So this was my very first episode of X-Files and I fell in such fast love with the show and with Mulder and Scully that I quite literally ran around my parents saying it was the best show I’d ever seen. Looking back, there are, of course, much better episodes- but this was my first, so it’ll always have a specials place in my heart. Plus I love Scully’s observations of 2-men-1-woman-trouble – its kinda cute how Mulder doesn’t realize it.
    The “Maria! Maria!!!” Is cute too.

    • I know the feeling! I have a similar reaction to Gender Bender.

      I think the highlights of the episode are the memorable lines like that. Now if only Mulder had given us a little Broadway dancing to go with it…

  4. The episode is worth it for the fun of the word “El Chupacabra” on its own. Multiple different characters say it dozens of times, and I giggle at it more and more as the episode goes on.

    Also, a fun little actor note: the eccentric story-telling woman is played by Lillian Hurst, who many people might recognize as Hugo’s mother from LOST. She does a good job in this episode, I thought.

  5. Where I live we have at least 5 El Chupacabra sightings everyday…if only Mulder and Scully had come here.

  6. I don’t know if it was intentional, but there’s a nice little parallel with one of the 1st season episodes (I think it might have been Lazarus), when Scully tells the coroner that “he’s not going anywhere” – referring to the body she’s autopsying. Someone said that to Scully in the previous episode 🙂

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  9. Does anyone else find the score irritating on this one?

  10. To be honest, this is one of my least favorite episodes of season 4. I don’t know, something about the jarring tone shifts made it hard for me to care.

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