Guest Post – Yes… but, what about Mulder? Part 1

{Editor’s Note: A passionate fan of The X-Files and cranberry juice, in that order, the internet femme fatale known as DanaKMulderScully has graciously agreed to stop by the site and drop some knowledge on a not-so-subtly biased fandom. If after a taste of her reasoning you’d like some more, feel free to tune in for more of her thoughts (Twitter), vids (Youtube), and words (Fanfic) at the conveniently listed sites above. Last but not least, her Tumblr is where you can read rants on the realness of Fox Mulder on a fairly regular basis. Stay tuned for Part 2 and comment below while you wait!}

I heart Fox Mulder.

I get SO IRRITATED every time I see people that disdain Mulder’s actions while making Scully seem like utter perfection…As much as I LOVE Scully’s character, I get irritated when people describe her as ‘perfect’; Because she is not. Scully’s strength comes from her weaknesses, from her determination to rise from the most horrible conditions to face everything and anything. She was not ‘born perfect’. She strived to be come the best she is.People forget that Scully is in fact Scully, BECAUSE of Mulder. Scully was not the same witty little agent that walked in to  ’ Agnt. Spooky’s ’ office that one fated morning.This is also inversely proportional. Mulder is Mulder BECAUSE of Scully. Mulder changes, evolved even at Scully’s side just like she did with him.The Truth is, you can’t talk about Scully without talking about Mulder and vice versa.And I don’t mean this in a misogynistic way, I please ask you to understand; this has nothing to do with gender and more of the personalities and characteristics of the 2.I loathe the fact that people describe Mulder as needy and whiny. Why?Because he had a horrible childhood past? Because his parents never gave him support? Because we never really see as much as bits and pieces of his past and those in themselves are already horrible?Why is it that when Scully talked about her non-present ability to carry a child, to have a bout with cancer, her unending emotional trauma from season 7-9, all of this, is taken as an amazing trait in a woman…BUT when Mulder still lingers about his sister’s disappearance or his own self hatred, everyone just calls him  annoying and whiny?I see double standard.

If I were to say that what Mulder is doing is whiny and needy, then in theory, I would have to say the same thing about Scully’s actions and problems.

And I don’t. YES Scully’s struggles were hard, but so were Mulder’s and there is no reason to justify one as more important than the other.

{Editor’s Note: Preach.}


6 responses to “Guest Post – Yes… but, what about Mulder? Part 1

  1. I totally agree. I have been a huge Mulder fan from the Pilot episode onwards. Being a bit controversial I’d even argue that Scully gives poor Mulder a hard time just as much if not more than he ditches her. And half the time he ditches her it’s because he’s trying to keep her away from danger so it’s well- meant ditching. As for whiny, well with a Mother who doesn’t seem to care and a father who is a bit cold plus a missing sister he has a lot to feel sorry about. I’m not sure that these characterisations are strictly canon inane case; the weak, needy Mulder is more a creation of fanfic and fanwanking than the actual canon character. Mulder remains my favourite male TV character of all time & prefer him to Scully any day. He’s gorgeous too;-)

    • Scully really does give Mulder a hard time, especially in the early years. Season 1 Scully is cocky even.

      the weak, needy Mulder is more a creation of fanfic and fanwanking than the actual canon character. – THIS.

  2. I never thought of Mulder as whiny. I think, especially when this show was first aired, it was very unusual to see a male lead character who cried. But a good portion of the X-FILES journey was Mulder mourning what he lost and coming to terms with what it all meant. Of course he cried! Who wouldn’t? That was a major strength of the show. Mulder and Scully frequently switched the stereotyped gender roles, he being emotional, she being rational. And Mulder was able to really work through his losses only when he was separated from his father who was a very unemotional and cold man. So, rather than being whiny, I was always impressed with how determined he was to grow and experience even when it hurt.

    • I’m in agreement with you. I think fans sometimes mistake Mulder’s need for Scully as neediness in general and it’s hardly the same thing. It’s too simplistic. Who doesn’t need a friend and an ally? That’s not equatable with being dependent and emasculated.

  3. I was in love with Fox Mulder when I was a little 14 year old fan-girl and still am today, but I totally understand why there’s so much more Scully love out there in the fandom than Mulder. The thing is, when you compare the two characters, Scully is A LOT more three dementional then him. She also constantly evolves, whereas Mulder stays pretty much the same the whole time. He even said in “I Want to Believe” that he hasn’t changed…Yeah, Mulder, that’s the problem…Scully’s numerous levels, confusion, and contradictions as well as her constant evolution is really what makes her the more interesting character (at least to me and quite a few other fans). I wouldn’t say Mulder’s “whining” has anything to do with it, because really, I don’t really see that either.

    And this is neither here nor there, but it also doesn’t hurt that Gillian is obviously the better actor of the two main leads. Not to say David isn’t fantastic, but GA is just better.

  4. If it’s any consolation, I have never noticed or thought of Mulder as needy and/or whiny. I have never seen any kind of fanfic, which is probably why. My eyes have only seen pure canon and imho it’s just not there.

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