The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati 7×4: Don’t be so dramatic.

Scully's lost her hair and she doesn't know where to find it.

First off, I think we should walk into this mythology episode review well aware that this is only nominally a mythology episode at all. This is a long overdue character study of Mulder and the majority of it (or it feels like the majority) takes place within his own mind. Not much happens on the mythology side of things except that we learn Cigarette-Smoking Man is still holding out hope that he can turn himself into an alien-human hybrid and so withstand the coming apocalypse. Somehow his desire, Mulder’s condition and American Indian prophecy all come together in some clearly vague way – A connection which will become much clearer, and vaguer, a couple of seasons from now.

We start out with CSM scheming to get his hands on Mulder once and for all, the devilish snake ready to strike the heel of the messiah, and he chooses the most nefarious route possible: His mother. Why would Teena Mulder hand her son over to CSM? And why would CSM need her to hand him over? It’s not like his minions haven’t snuck into hospitals to do his dirty work before. If he wanted Mulder, I don’t see why he would need her permission to get him.

But, whatever. CSM finally gets him and then proceeds to cut his head open and empty the contents thereof, all the while praising him as his son and throwing suggestive grins in the direction of his son’s ex-lover.

This is one of my favorite episodes for the character of Cigarette-Smoking Man. He’s like a cat with a bowl of fresh milk. I strongly suspect we owe CSM’s newfound humor to Chris Carter’s newfound writing partner David Duchovny. CSM never cracked jokes like this before and his dismissiveness of Mulder’s self-important self-righteousness is telling – sounds a bit like the loving jabs taken at Mulder in “The Unnatural” (6×20). It’s also no secret that all this blatant symbolism is David Duchovny’s doing as well. That… I’m not quite as grateful for.

Now, I’m an English nerd and a recovering symbolism addict. I had to attend a long series of group therapy meetings post-college so it’s not like I’m immune to symbolism’s charms. (Hi, my name is Salome and I read too far into things.) But there’s so much symbolism here that at moments there isn’t much room left for story. CSM is randomly throwing out lines like, “The child becomes father to the man.” What does that even mean?? You’re not trying to hint that the repressed child deep down inside the man is going to teach him how life is really supposed to be lived in a sort of “from the mouths of babes” perspective altering catharsis, are you? Because I have no truck with that right now.

Not that my impatience affords me the right to ignore the famous Mulder dream sequence. I have to tell you, as a teenager watching this episode when it first aired I didn’t know The Last Temptation of Christ from Rocky & Bullwinkle. I’d heard of it, sure. But what was it to me? And I wonder how much of the viewing public was with me – a little lost as to what Mulder’s dream sequence, heavily inspired by the aforementioned book/film, was supposed to mean.

The whole thing is borderline esoteric, its symbolism only becoming clear as the reality of it unravels before Mulder’s eyes. But you don’t need any exposure to The Last Temptation of Christ to understand it, though I’m sure that helps (I wouldn’t know). All you have to do is go back and watch “One Son” (6×12) again. What happens in that episode? Oh, nothing. If you can call Diana helping to lure Mulder into soul-sacrificing complacency and Scully stirring him up from his sleepy defeatism “nothing.”

If “One Son” is the reality then “Amor Fati” is Mulder spiritually awakening to that reality. Both women have appeared at his bedside in “The Sixth Extinction”. Both women’s minds and hearts were completely open to him thanks to his new ability. He knows what Diana wants: For him to give in and save himself. And he knows what Scully wants: For him to hang on and fight.

I think the initial reaction a lot of fans had to this episode was horror over any scenario, dream or not, where Mulder would bed, even wed, Diana Fowley and seem to be happy about it. But while Mulder still may be attracted to her on some level, they had been lovers after all, I don’t think what we see here is any real indication that Mulder wants Diana so much as he’s tempted by what she represents. What she wants him to do, and what part of Mulder wants to do, is stop fighting, stop suffering, take the world off of his shoulders and let the inevitable happen – Would colonization be so bad if they could only be at peace? Therefore, the crux of Mulder’s dream isn’t that he chooses Scully over Fowley, it’s that he chooses courage over complacency.

Poor Diana Fowley, we barely knew ye. No sooner do you grow a conscience than it’s your time to go – That’s how The X-Files works. We can’t have you spilling secrets that would give Mulder too much help too soon, now can we?

Fowley’s motivations are becoming clearer to me now. Maybe I never really understood because I never really watch this set of episodes. (Telling, I know.) And so, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take some time out to dissect her because unless I’m much mistaken, she’s never mentioned ever again.

This isn’t cannon but as best I can understand it, Diana Fowley’s situation went down something like this:

Diana knew about the aliens, colonization, all of it. How or when or why she knew isn’t important, but somewhere along the line she went to work for the Syndicate and CSM in particular. Probably under their/his orders, she led Mulder to the X-Files as a way to both put out disinformation and to control what he knew. Once Mulder was established as a crank and he was no closer to the truth than he was to China, off she goes on her next assignment which was that of an international agent. What she probably didn’t count on was falling in love with Mulder, which she did. Although who knows but that seducing him was originally part of the assignment too?

However her affection for Mulder began, she didn’t forget him all those years she went away, a fact that CSM was probably aware of. So he gives her a new, very palatable assignment: Go back and befriend Fox Mulder again. He’s too close to the truth.

The problem is, despite their surface similarities, Diana and Mulder are incompatible. He’s an idealist, she’s a pragmatist. He wants to save the world, Diana wants to survive. She wants to survive with Mulder at her side and she’s clearly hoped that eventually he’d see that they had no other choice but to cooperate with the conspiracy and save themselves. That’s why she was willing to wait for him; they could never really be together, because they couldn’t survive the coming apocalypse, unless she helped the Syndicate succeed in creating an alien-human hybrid.

Another option is that Diana discovered the truth while she was working on the X-Files with Mulder, only she didn’t share everything she suspected, perhaps because she knew Mulder wouldn’t be comfortable with her pragmatic approach, and left to work for the Syndicate because she was sympathetic to their agenda. In some ways, that would make it worse. Her reasons are completely selfish. As long as she gets Mulder and they survive, that’s what matters.

But I’d still love to know, what exactly did CSM ever do to engender this kind of loyalty in Fowley? Or was she only going along with his agenda so that she and Mulder could be safe, and once his agenda conflicted with Mulder’s safety her surface loyalty evaporated? This mysterious confession she made in “The Sixth Extinction” (7×3) is tantalizing:

I know you know about me… That my loyalties aren’t just to you… but to a man you’ve grown to despise. You have your reasons, but as you look inside me now you know that I have mine.

I think deep down she realizes that Mulder isn’t going to be OK with her plans, which is why she hasn’t made a case for her position to him even after the eradication of the Syndicate. He already knows about the agenda of those men, surely she wouldn’t be threatening those plans now by spilling the beans, she’d only betray her own treachery and risk losing Mulder for good. Maybe that’s why she agrees to be complicit in CSM’s scheme to steal Mulder’s power – He could be putty in her hands. Fortunately, her long dormant conscience resurfaces before it’s too late, possibly pricked into action by guilt over Scully’s example of uncompromising loyalty to Mulder, and despite the fact that she knows it most likely means she’ll never have Mulder, she secretly gives up his location to Scully. Bravo?

By the end of this trilogy, I was sick of Diana Fowley, exhausted by the overarching plot, and not a little worried about the future of my show. I was hoping for answers in “Amor Fati”. Instead, I got Mulder making love to Diana Fowley, which, despite all my philosophically understanding prattle above, still makes me ill. I was tired of waiting for more news on the conspiracy, whether it was dead or alive. I was tired of waiting for information on Samantha’s whereabouts. And I was mostly tired of waiting on this unnecessary love triangle. By the time it was over, the superb ending was somewhat lost on me; sort of like pearls being cast before very impatient swine.

But it is superb. Truly.

Mulder: Scully, I was like you once — I didn’t know who to trust. Then I… I chose another path… another life, another fate, where I found my sister. In the end my world was unrecognizable and upside down. There was one thing that remained the same. You were my friend, and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart, you were my constant… my touchstone.
Scully: And you are mine.

As I watched this time, somewhere behind my teary eye (I can only watch this scene with one eye open) the Song of Solomon kept coming to mind: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” I want to congratulate my subconscious for making the connection and at the same time berate it for making it so late – These are, in essence, Mulder and Scully’s wedding vows.

That sounds horrendously sappy, I know, but it’s true. They’re expressing, once and for all, before a television audience full of witnesses, their faith in and their commitment to each other. (Part of me twinges a little at the thought of making any mere, fallible mortal your constant and your touchstone. But, whatevs. I get what they’re giving.)

I remember the first time I watched it feeling slightly confused. (So they’re together now… right?) I wasn’t sure if I was witnessing their official coming together or what. After this are they a romantic pair? Well, there’s been a lot of debate over the years as to exactly when Mulder and Scully initiated the romantic stage of their relationship, with even Chris Carter & Co. inadvertently sending conflicting messages. Did Mulder pop up at Scully’s place the next day with red roses and a bottle of wine? Heck to the no. But, I do believe what we’re seeing here is the disintegration of all emotional, psychological and practical barriers between them. I said these were their “wedding vows”, right? Well, think of this moment as the ceremony – Everyone present knows the wedding night is coming but it’s not like there’s a bed waiting at the end of the aisle.

For once, both Mulder and Scully know exactly where they stand at exactly the same time and I think it’s clear that there will be no threat of any future “Diana Fowleys.” There’s only one barrier left, more of a technical formality really, and that’s the physical one, which Chris Carter will see fit to break not too long from now. After that, all bets will be off.

And to think! We were almost robbed of this episode’s redemption. This was not the original ending planned and in fact, was filmed much later after the rest of the episode – hence Scully’s noticeable haircut. I’ve read what is supposed to be the original ending and it in no way provided sufficient emotional closure between Mulder and Scully after all the angst of this episode. So hats off to whoever decided to change it – I don’t know who you are except that you’re my constant, my touchstone.


I know some fans wish that Mulder and Scully had kissed here, but I want to go on record as saying that for all my teenage confusion back in the day, I’m oh so glad they didn’t. Turning it sexual would have cheapened the moment because what they’re expressing here goes so much deeper than that. At the same time, it makes an eventual kiss inevitable. How do you love someone any more than that?? Where else are they supposed to go with it? Why do Mulder and Scully keep having their most significant moments in Mulder’s hallway?

So I’ll see you Shippers next time when Chris Carter finally lets Mulder kiss the bride.


The Mystery Continues:

Just when you thought I was done, I’m about to wind it back. Remember “The End” (5×20)? Remember how Diana Fowley was guarding Gibson Praise while secretly working for CSM? Remember how shocked she looked when Gibson told her she was about to be shot? Yeah, why was that?

The Options –

  1. CSM didn’t tell whomever he sent to kidnap Gibson that Fowley was one of theirs – The left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing. Lingering resentment over the events of this episode also might explain why Fowley came to distrust CSM enough to betray him.
  2. They shot Fowley on purpose, surprising her, in order to ingratiate her to Mulder – How could he doubt her after she nearly died for the cause?
  3. Fowley was given orders by CSM to protect Gibson and genuinely thought that’s what he wanted – This would explain why anyone coming to get Gibson would have to attack Fowley to get to him and why she was so surprised.

The question remains, why didn’t Gibson hint at her disloyalty? He seemed comfortable enough with her. I guess he was too busy fanning the flames of the love triangle to warn Mulder and Scully that they had a traitor in their midst

And yet another question remains. Just how far did Fowley’s relationship with CSM go? Between the way they look at each other in “One Son” and CSM’s not so subtle leer in Fowley’s direction after delivering his, “I’ll carry the burden from here on in” line, I suspect that either they were sexually involved at some point or that their eventual sexual involvement was one of CSM’s secret goals. Talk about a Father-Son competition.


What’s still not clear is what in the Aunt Jemima Krycek is up to now. Why kill Kritschgau? Is he independently working toward hybridization? Working for the rebels? What? – Oh, and how about that digital Nick Lea impostor?

Why do women keep giving Mulder the Salt-n-Peppa, “I think I wanna have your baby” speech on this show? Is it because he’s a “mighty good man?” My man is smooth like Barry and his voice got base…

Okay, so Scully has a DOJ passkey. But how does she know where to go?

And I’m Done:

Notice how Mulder keeps flipping things back on Scully. “Mulder, help me”, becomes, “You help me.” “I know she was your friend”, becomes, “You were my friend… you were my constant, my touchstone.” Scully tries to comfort him at the loss of Diana, his first priority is to comfort her. Oh, the days I could go on with this stuff…

Best Quotes:

CSM: Your account is squared — with me, with God, with the IRS, with the FBI.


CSM: You’re not Christ. You’re not Prince Hamlet. You’re not even Ralph Nader. {Editor’s Note: HAHAHAHA.}


Scully: Bum a cigarette, Agent Fowley?
Diana Fowley: I don’t smoke.
Scully: Really? I could swear I smell cigarette smoke on you.
Diana Fowley: Let’s cut the crap, shall we?
Scully: Yes. Let’s.

62 responses to “The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati 7×4: Don’t be so dramatic.

  1. Care to mention what “was” the original intention for the ending, or would it be too horrifying?

    As little sense in the overall mythology as it makes, I have a soft spot for this trilogy, mostly because it’s such an emotional journey and shows Scully at, possibly, her most inspiring (though it may be just a personal opinion – fearless, determined, and brimming with love. And for various reasons, for me Amor Fati still remains the romantic pinnacle of the series – it is perhaps this, as with the wedding night comment, why season 6 and the beginning of 7 have such a special place in the tender parts of my heart – they’re not quite a couple yet, but you know that they will be not far from now and, quoting a German Advent period song from my middle-school repertoire, it’s possible that “Vorfreude, groesste Freude” – anticipation is the greatest joy.

    Also, cookies on the Song of Solomon connection – while I’m an atheist myself, it is one of the books of The Bible which I really enjoyed, and it does indeed seem very fitting for our heroes – as I remember it, there’s so much viscerality and emotion behind the symbolism that it drove chills down my spine. I might even want to reread it soon.

    • It wasn’t horrifying in and of itself it just didn’t give us proper closure. Mulder and Scully are at the office and Scully tells him that Hosteen and Diana are dead. She leaves, he thinks, the end. Bah.

      Scully is fabulous this ep, which is why it earned a Scully Squared tag. She’s tough and sweet all the the same time. It think it was her speech to Diana that ultimately tipped her over into blatantly helping Mulder and not just dropping cryptic books outside Scully’s door.

      And I think you’ve nailed why Season 6 is such a favorite among Shippers especially; you can be sure it’s coming, but it’s not here yet. It’s like waiting for Christmas morning.

      And may I humbly encourage your desire to revisit the Song of Solomon. That’s what love should be. (It also doesn’t hurt that the heroine of it has an older version of my name. ^^)

      • Hm, yeah, after this journey an office dialogue ending would be very underwhelming.

        Oh, I think I’ll celebrate Valentine’s day by rereading it. :’D

        One last bit, since this wasn’t mentioned in the review, I always found the scene where Hosteen invites Scully to pray together for Mulder somewhat moving. I don’t know whether it was her mind playing tricks on her to set herself at ease, or Hosteen’s spirit making a trip to her, or return of Psychic?Scully, or what function this scene was intended to have, but I’ve always liked it.

        • I always thought, since this is The X-Files (smirk), that it was definitely Hosteen’s spirit visiting her. Either way, like what happened in Redux II with Scully’s cancer suddenly disappearing, I think CC wants to make sure we understand that something miraculous is happening, something spiritual and not purely scientific.

    • So I just got spooked, I have been using this site as a guide for which episodes to watch, to be honest I have only skipped two or three, mostly because your reviews are very well done. But I had been assuming this site was made years ago, I never thought to look at the dates, so it kind of freaked me when I realized you were writing these things as I was watching them. Anyways keep up the good work, I have heard the series starts to take a downward turn form this point, I hope your insights might helo keep me interested.

      • Hilarious! This is your first time through the series? If so, congratulations are in order. We’ve officially passed its peak now, but I wouldn’t worry. There are still a lot of great moments to come and at its absolute worst, X-Files was still better than 95% of what’s out there today.

  2. Another thing and this is completely worthless commentary – I always loved the way Scully swept her thumbs across Mulders lips right before she leaves because:
    1. It’s completely sexy
    2. As if to say ‘Next time, my lips are going here.’


    • Seriously though, it’s so much better than if she had merely kissed him.

      • Yes! For sure – I remember being disappointed they didn’t kiss, at the time, but I was around 17 at the time, so I’ll cut my younger self some slack. Now, I think it’s perfect the way it is… Plus she just kinda saunters away from him. It’s like she’s got some kind of confidence boost because of what he just admitted to her…

  3. oh no, THIS is one of the best 🙂

  4. Great review. I loved your in depth analysis of FOWL and it really helped me to understand her alittle more…her motives, history etc. I agree with everything you said. There’s one thing tho (I dont know if you agree or disagree with me on this) but a lot of people always said how FOWL “redeemed” herself and how she was almost heroic in helping Scully save Mulder at the end with the book and keycard. Ok, here’s my opinion…FOWL got Mulder INTO the mess he was in. She lied to him, manipulated him, worked for and with his sworn enemy, watched over his surgery/experimentation, etc…and only in the end did she go back and try to undo what she did. But SHE got him INTO it. She was bascially taking him back to square one. I dont think she redeemed herself (what others have said) because she should never have done what she did in the first place…its like someone saying “Im a mother, I change diapers, I deserve a reward for it”…no, you are a mother and therefore you change diapers…no reward. FOWL got him into it, she should get him out. and even then She didnt get him out. Scully did. I realize Im getting on a tangent here,it was just my opinionon the FOWL one. OK thanks! looking forward to more! ♥ Your reviews get me thru the week.

  5. I think that this was a great arc–a great chunk of episodes. But the religious symbolism was sooooooooo much. I agree 1000 percent–it’s like they just inserted Mulder into the Last Temptation of Christ.

  6. Ohmygod love – their wedding vows? I almost squeed out loud. I love that take on it being their emotional commitment to each other…

  7. So cut to the scene where it’s Mulder and CSM in the room and he opens the blinds to see the alien apocalypse outside. He takes a drag of a cigarette and all I can think is, “Of course he finds cigarettes during an alien apocalypse.”

    I was sick of the whole Diana Fowley thing by the end of this. I think before in the series, we’d never been exposed to her this much and this was overkill. Though it made the exchange between Mulder and Scully that much sweeter.

    While that M/S exchange is one of my all-time favorites, I thought this story as a whole was weak. I don’t know, it’s like they came up with this grandiose idea, but wanted to make it part of the “mythology” so they throw in CSM and Krycek and the whole gang for good measure, when to me it just didn’t fit. I don’t know.

    • No, I know exactly what you mean because that’s exactly how I feel. Overall, it’s as well done as anything on The X-Files but the story arc didn’t move me. Some great, great moments, but not what I’ll reach for when I want to relive the glory of the show.

      This whole concept of aliens as our progenitors feels like something outside of the mythology to me. It’s only loosely tethered to it, like you said, by them throwing old foes into the mix. It doesn’t feel like a new mythology either because there really isn’t anywhere for this plot to go… which is why they take so long, a couple of seasons in fact, to address the issues it brings up again.

  8. Salome, what are you feelings towards the little boy who assists Mulder in building the sand-spaceship. Some fans have speculated that he is supposed to be William. Indeed there’s a few nods to the Williams mythology in this episode, particularly with regards to the one man saviour against the Aliens, an ancient prophecy, etc…

    What do you reckon? Do you feel it is William, or is it just Mulder watching his inner child wander around a beach?

    • I didn’t even realize anyone thought it was William (I need to troll the boards more). Didn’t CC only initiate the pregnancy storyline once he realized they’d be renewed for an 8th season? At this point, they thought Season 7 was their last. So, no, I highly doubt it. Besides, my understanding is that despite the credits, DD was mainly responsible for this one and even if CC had the pregnancy storyline in the back of his head, he kept notoriously mum about it. I don’t see how DD would have known to work that in. And most importantly, in the context of the story and Mulder’s dream, this kid being a representation of Mulder himself makes the most sense. The fact that William comes later I think makes a nice, retrospective tie-in.

  9. Okay, I swear this is my last comment for the night, but David rewrote the ending of this episode IIRC. He’s such a shipper.

  10. Great job.

  11. The only thing that really bugged me about this episode was that Fowly was killed off screen. Even a 30 second shot (no pun intended) of her opening a door and staring down a gun would have sufficed. I didn’t like her character at all (and totally agree with the uselessness of that love triangle) but it would have been nice to have had some solid closure on her character. Thoughts?

    P.s. A great review, as always! 🙂

  12. I’ve been creeping on this website for some time now and have never commented before…until now! Just wanted to say that I love love love reading the reviews AND comments and truly look forward to each new one! This is comforting to me in a way…it reminds me that The X Files lives on and there are still passionate souls out there like myself! It is also refreshing to revisit the series with a 26 year old mind…as opposed to my 13 year old mind. My ability to comprehend is much greater now, so I feel like I’m watching it for the first time all over again (and making my fiancé watch it too!) Its fun to relive those moments that I would rewind and watch over and over again (you know what I’m talking about! When Triangle first aired, I’m pretty sure I broke that VHS tape…but that is neither here nor there) Anyways, just wanted to pipe in! Awesome website!

  13. Hi, brilliant overview of the episode. They do not come together in All Things. AS GA states in her commentary CC said that at this point (All Things) they have an established sexual relationship. All Things was just us finding out what Mulder and Scully HAD been doing for sometime. So I guess they were together early or soon after Armor Afate. Also DD and CC were not speaking when they wrote this epi, hence the reasons why the disjointedness in the episode. DD would not work with CC and he would not speak with him which is childish because the end result is what we got and save for the ending it would have been a disaster.

  14. I am a believer and the Fowl (love it) died and went to hell!

  15. I read your review before watching this episode thinking I would be prepared for Mulder’s alternate life. And while I feel it is a great way of exploring Mulder’s psyche and exploring the last 6 season’s of the show it is still so frustrating and I find myself yelling at my computer screen as I watch. Plus Diana Seriously creeps me out in her seduction scene.

  16. I’m tired of this contrived nonsense. Kiss already, **** already! Geeze, it’s what 99.9999999% of the world would have done by now. Stop putting it off just as a way to garner ratings from stupid fans. This is what I hate about TV; it’s not about telling a realistic story (within the confines of that universe) it’s about producing endless serials of artificial drama just to keep people hooked.

  17. Well…Farfolomew, People were and stayed hooked. They still love this couple and Mulder and Scully is one of the best if not the best couples in T.V. History.

  18. Agent Venkman

    After all the build up in Biogenesis and Sixth Extinction, this episode was not good enough of a resolution. I feel like it could’ve easily been split up in two. Mulder’s dream/nightmares probably deserved an entire episode to themselves, and the mythology developments another. As it is, the mythology stuff (Fowley’s death, Krycek’s actions, Skinner nanotech attack, Scully’s journey etc) is barely coherent. Of course the 1013 people were very rigid about the mythology episodes being 2 or 3 in a row… until Essence/Existence/NIHTI/NIHTII, which to be honest, feels more like two separate 2-parters.

    Like I commented for your Biogenensis review, I really hoped Scully was going to end up a believer after this, but no. It was back to business as usual after this. A lot of people don’t agree, but shaking up the skeptic/believer formula, after 6 years, would’ve kept things interesting.

  19. God, so painful to see the sequence where the Fowl One strips down, and then next they’re all in the hospital and Diana tells Scully that “he was asking for you last night”. I wanted to ask – “was that WHILE you were having sex with him, you dirty Shipwrecking woman?” Small comfort: perhaps Mulder went screaming stark-raving in-a-padded-call mad because the sex with Diana Fowley was so terrible. 😀

  20. Am I a horrible person if, after seeing this episode, I vehemently do NOT want Scully to get together with Mulder? I think I must be petty. After the many times he dissed Scully for other chicks, and then building a whole other LIFETIME with Diana Fowley in his mind, sleeping with her (again), choosing her over Scully and everything else (yes, I know he was choosing the comfortable lifestyle instead of really her, but it just brought back so many other betrayals he performed, favoring her over Scully)… Well, I almost wish that he realizes finally that he MISSED HIS CHANCE with Scully and they remain platonic friends forevermore (from her end) while he pines away after her and thinks of her forever as being “The One Who Got Away”. Unfortunately, she’s too good for this world and gets together with him anyway. :p Looking forward to seeing what actually happens when they get together officially and if he continues to ditch her in favor of other girls. Scully…you’re a saint sometimes…

  21. Scully WAS a saint. That’s why I didn’t get mad at her when he gave Mulder a glimpse of a scenario in which he loses her and she becomes obsessed with a search of her own, in En Ami. That’s why I think it makes sense that she brings home the bacon and nearly breaks up with him in the 2nd movie. They should have made her a badass more often, instead of just having her follow him all the time. Why didn’t she ever initiate the solving of a case SHE was interested in?

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  30. The alien craft had regenerative or healing properties, shown several times, therefore are we supposed to believe that it cured Scully of her infertility due to her being in such close proximity to it for so many days?

    It *did* bring those fish or whatever back to life, so was it supposed to be something that should have been referenced once Scully was pregnant, a “that’s why I’m able to get pregnant” thought that Scully was supposed to share with the class?

  31. For me this is a great conclusion to this three parter, not in terms of the mythology, but in terms of Mulder and Scully. The last scene in the hall is so emotionally charged, and you can tell these two people really love each other and will do anything to save each other.

    I like Scully’s hair in this episode. It reminds me of season 3. Although I hate the continuity error with her new short hairstyle at the end, and then the next episode it’s long again. I believe it’s Orison 7×07 when the new short hair is revealed again. Why didn’t they maker her wear a wig, like in a reshot scene in the Goldberg Variation 7X02 ?

    Mulder’s aging make up looks terrible. He looks hot in the dream sequences. Speaking of which, I don’t know what they were supposed to represent. Mulder’s head would have been shaved for brain surgery. He has a small bandage at the end and his hair seems suspiciously long.

    To be honest this doesn’t really feel like a new mythology. Mulder has effectively become the new Cassandra Spender. Colonisation still seems to be on the agenda.

    Again what is Kycek up to and why? Such a brief appearance it seems pointless. And from this point how did he end up in a Tunisia prison in Requiem 7×22 ?

    Nice to see Scully’s apartment back after so long. I don’t believe we saw it in Season 6 at all.


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  33. Just wanna say, I’ve been watching the whole series always checking your blog after each episode. LOVE how you write, you’re gifted with the power of prose. Cheers from Argentina.

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