Millennium 7×5: See, you had me up until there.

All hail the Fangirl Flail.

Sadly, Chris Carter’s second born television baby Millennium didn’t last until the Millennium it was named after. In what I can only assume was a result of steadily dropping ratings, Millennium was canceled in the Spring of 1999, just in time to prevent hero Frank Black from stopping the coming apocalypse.

Back in the day, and up until the recent present, I was not a Millennium watcher. (I’m sorry, Chris.) It was one of those shows I intended to tune into eventually, but I never got around to it and then boom, it was gone. I told myself that this time, before I watched this episode I would complete the series so as to have a better sense of what’s really going on here. Well, I haven’t completed it yet, though I’m currently watching the final season, but my eyes have been opened to two things about The X-Files’ first crossover episode:

  1. Frank Black is pretty cool.
  2. You really don’t need to have seen five minutes of Millennium to get it.

I’m sure Carter must’ve been hard-pressed to both conclude Millennium in a way that stayed true to what that show was about and would please its loyal, disappointed fans and yet keep The X-Files’ aesthetic, focusing on giving an audience mostly comprised of people looking for The X-Files and not Millennium what they wanted.

It would be nearly impossible to tie up three years’ worth of Millennium in one hour of television solely dedicated to that purpose, let alone if that hour were shared with another series that had its own long history of story, character and aesthetic. That’s why I think it’s wise that Chris Carter didn’t even attempt it.

Oh, sure. He gives us an update on what’s happening in Frank Black’s life, where he’s at personally and professionally, etc. We learn a little bit more of what’s happened to the Millennium Group in the series’ absence. But what we really get in “Millennium” is an emotional coda rather than a resolution. It doesn’t conclude the plot of Millennium, but I think it allows fans to say goodbye knowing that Frank Black is going to be okay.

The only thing I have trouble with is that it’s hard to take the images that we’re seeing, independently compelling though they are, and mentally tie them to a worldwide apocalypse. Zombies in the basement are such a small-scale problem when compared to Armageddon.

Also, this episode is a perfect example of how Season 7 is, understandably, more self-conscious than any season before it. The show has been around for a long time at this point and while ratings may be falling, it’s still aware of its own status as a cultural phenomenon. When Frank, Mulder, and Scully stand together as a threesome perfectly framed by the camera, it’s with an awareness that two fictional worlds with a cult-like following are colliding. And when Mulder punctuates he and Scully’s hard earned first kiss with a, “The world didn’t end,” it’s with the knowledge that the audience at home is saying the same thing.

Alright. Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, let’s move on to what we’re all really here for, shall we? After seven long, very long, years of unresolved frustration… more so on the part of fans than Mulder and Scully themselves… The Kiss.

Oh, how do I even start? It was chaste but not dead, sweet but not sugary, self-conscious but still self-deprecating, too friendly to be lustful but too lingering to be friendly, open without spilling secrets, meaningful without digging too deep, loaded yet casual, joyful yet not manic. In short, it was so much all that it needed to be that Chris Carter is lucky I didn’t hunt down his place of residence and kiss him myself.

I won’t confess how many times I’ve watched this scene and out myself as a closet sentimentalist. Suffice it to say that Mulder and Scully bring out the inner girl buried somewhere underneath layers of Teenage Ninja Turtles and Mortal Kombat, and this is coming from the child who never cried at Bambi.

I just can’t with these two. The flailing. The flailing!

I said in the review for “The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati” (7×4) that Mulder and Scully essentially said their vows at the end of the episode, that the only formal barrier left between them was the physical one and it was only a matter of time before that one dropped as well. If you weren’t sure then that they had an “understanding,” please pay close attention to the way this kiss goes down.

Mulder doesn’t look at Scully as if he’s just realizing how he feels about her, nor does he kiss her as if he’s declaring his feelings. I love (love) the way he looks at her and mischievously contemplates the kiss as if to say, “Why not?” Why not indeed, Mulder? Now is as good a time as any. What’s holding you back any longer? The conspiracy is dead. Diana is dead. Y2K never lived. Go on and kiss the girl.

And please notice that on Scully’s part, after Mulder kisses her, her face doesn’t say, “Mulder! Does this mean you have feelings for me? I never knew!” No, no, no, no, no. Her face says, “That was nice. What brought that on?” There’s only mild surprise at Mulder’s spontaneity. There’s no shock, no emotional breakthrough. They already know.

What I love about the fact that it’s taken so long for Mulder and Scully to get their romantic act together is that there’s almost no conscious choice involved. By the time it happens, it has already happened. It passed the point of possibility and crossed the Rubicon into inevitability some time ago while neither of them was paying attention. They don’t need a declaration, or fanfare, or even a hallway the walls of which must be painted with some sort of aphrodisiac it causes so much romantic yearning. At this point, they just are, and I can’t express in words how much I love that. You’d just have to count the flails.


I’ve tried to ask myself, “What would I think of this episode if there were no kiss in it?” Let me tell you, that question is harder to answer than it sounds. “Millennium” feels right, it looks right, it tastes right. And I’m especially glad that zombies finally took their rightful place in The X-Files’ repertoire. But I also must confess that while I’ve seen this episode multiple times over the years, I still failed to remember the general plot apart from the fact that it involved people coming back from the dead. Even without a kiss tacked onto the end it’s a solid episode, but in what may turn out to be my official lamentation for Season 7, it’s lost that lovin’ feelin’. Take the kiss away and I have no real reason to set my trigger finger to “Rewind.” “Hungry” (7×1) is good without being great and I’m afraid “Millennium” hasn’t broken that pattern.

But that’s okay. I don’t watch it for the actual episode anyway.


Kosher Salt:

It’s interesting to note, this is the first of four episodes this season that deals with overtly religious themes. That’s right, I said “four.” On average there’s about one per season, if that, and while I doubt there was any conscious decision in the writers’ room to work things out this way, that fact struck me as I was watching this time.

I can’t help but think Chris Carter must’ve really enjoyed teaming up his three heroes, especially Mulder and Frank Black who, as Scully points out, share some similarities in character. It never happened, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if Frank Black had made another guest appearance in later years. Despite the differences in tone and theme between The X-Files and Millennium, he was a good fit on the show.

Frank Black still has his famous red Jeep. Three cheers for continuity.

I heard you throw in that Millennium music, Mark Snow!

Confession time – I make no secret about my love for this kiss, but a part of me still twinges in disappointment every time. Why? Well, it has nothing to do with unfulfilled expectations. No, it’s that there’s a moment after the kiss where Scully looks just a little too bored and I find myself wondering if Chris Carter wasn’t trying to drive home the point that the Mulder and Scully thing was never a big deal after all. And that makes me a little sad because it is a big deal. In the realm of television history and in the world of teenage girlhood it is a very big deal, my dears.

Am I the only one who finds John 11:25 being repeated over and over again incredibly relaxing?

Best Quotes:

Scully: Mulder, you been spreading rumors?
Mulder: Why? You hear any good ones lately?


Scully: The year 2000 is just their artificial deadline and, besides, 2001 is actually the start of the new millennium.
Mulder: Nobody likes a math geek, Scully.


Mulder: The world didn’t end.
Scully: No, it didn’t.
Mulder: Happy New Year, Scully.
Scully: Happy New Year, Mulder.


Mike Johnson: I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead…
Frank Black: …yet shall he live. Whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die.

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  1. I have to admit, I was one of those people who DIDN’T watch/read/gossip about spoilers, so The Kiss was a complete shock to me. I remember squealing like the girl I was, a massively big grin on my face. And you’re right….except for this Kiss, there’s no real reason to rewatch Millenium and I don’t even remember what it’s about except something to do with zombies and that Jack Black character from Chris’ short-lived series… lol

  2. 4 religious-related episodes in season 7: season 7 the season where I really just kinda didn’t care that much anymore.

    Cause and effect? Coincidence?

    • Ah, the age old puzzle. Correlation vs. Causation. I’ll bet in this case it’s correlation because the episodes themselves are hit and miss – even withing the individual episodes.

  3. I was really shocked that you mentioned the kiss Salome, I wasn’t expecting you to mention it 😀

    It’s a good episode, not great, there is a real buzz to seeing Frank Black mixing in with Mulder and Scully and whilst I would never consider this a definitive conclusion to Millennium as such (and I can never get my head around the news of the group being disbanded via a single line of dialogue delivered by Skinner), I can’t help but have a big cheesy smile on my face at the end to see Frank and Jordan reunited, I thought that was such a lovely moment.

    • That’s because you know I don’t dwell on silly things like Ships. *dignified face*

      I thought seeing Frank being reunited with his daughter was sweet back when I didn’t even know the history of their relationship. It’s especially sweet now and will probably be even sweeter by the time I finish Season 3.

  4. I remember seeing this live, in real time, and absolutely losing my shit. I mean seriously. The Great Kiss Scene still has that effect on me today. As I’ve watched this episode in my Great Rewatch, I couldn’t even remember what the damn episode was about haha. But yes, you said everything perfectly, re: the MSR. Once it happens, it’s already happened. It’s the thing I think I appreciate most about their relationship, about the series, and about the period of time. It was so subtle it was beautiful. And once it happened it doesn’t just take off in another direction. CC and company still manage to create that tension, that anxiety, that… whatever. It’s freaking lovely.

    So anyway, I would really love to watch Millennium (as well as TLG). I may have to creep over to Netflix and see what I can find.

    • Yes!! As much as the audience, myself included, was hunkering for something explicitly definitive back in the day, the subtleties of the Mulder/Scully relationship are what make it awesome. That’s why I feel for it in the first place and that’s why I love it still.

      Millennium is worth checking out, as is The Lone Gunmen which I bought and watched for the first time last year. TLG in particular has a certain cameo that’s worth waiting around for…

  5. Can I admit that I’m a little saddened that you’re already reviewing season 7? Two more seasons and possibly IWTB, then I hope you don’t disappear! Love reading your thoughts on the X-Files!

    I have to agree with you on this episode. There isn’t a lot that sticks out and makes it particularly memorable to me except for THE KISS! Like you, I wasn’t into Millennium (at least upon first viewing…I have seen a few episodes since) so I’ve often wondered if it would have been more meaningful had I been a fan of the show.

    Of course, let’s get back to the important shipper stuff! Man, could I dissect that kiss scene for hours. Those looks, thoughts that you know are running through Mulder and Scully’s minds and of course the unsaid words that I’m sure each held back from saying… It was a nice way of Chris Carter FINALLY giving the shippers something without really giving us much at all if you think about it. The two are still going to not diving into a relationship, still not coming clean with their true feelings either. It kind of makes me have a love/hate with this episode because if feels like a beautifully wrapped present that once unwrapped turns out to be an ugly sweater that you have to smile and pretend to like.

    “What I love about the fact that it’s taken so long for Mulder and Scully to get their romantic act together is that there’s almost no conscious choice involved. By the time it happens, it has already happened”

    Ah, yes! Love that just falls into place because it’s so right. No use fighting something like that, as it seems Mulder and Scully may have done for way too long. Even after this first kiss between them, they still are going to hide how they feel. Are you as frustrated as I am with the pent up sexual tension?

    • You can admit it because I freely admit that arriving at Season 7 made me sad. But, hey, I’m still holding out hope that there will be a 3rd movie for me to review and I still have a few more ideas rattling around, waiting to be unleashed. 🙂 Thanks, hun!

      I felt the same way, wondering if I would get more out of this episode having seen Millennium, but apart from Frank and Jordan’s reunion, not so much. This episode should be subtitled “No Experience Necessary.”

      It was a nice way of Chris Carter FINALLY giving the shippers something without really giving us much at all if you think about it… It kind of makes me have a love/hate with this episode because if feels like a beautifully wrapped present that once unwrapped turns out to be an ugly sweater that you have to smile and pretend to like.

      Word to your mother. That is, emotion for emotion, exactly how I felt about this episode as whole for so long. Not taking anything away from enjoying that scene, because I loved it, but I still felt like the fat girl being led on by the jock at the prom – dance with me or don’t, dang it. In retrospect, I feel much more fulfilled. But how I do remember the frustration.

      • “I still felt like the fat girl being led on by the jock at the prom” — this is the best analogy ever. And I agree with Summer’s comment that precipitated it. It’s like Chris saying “FINE, I will give you people a kiss but it’s sort of a New Year’s kiss which is not exactly a real kiss.” At least M&S could have seemed like they enjoyed it a bit more. But still, it’s a kiss, and I will take it and squee with glee.

        • Right or wrong, that feeling is exactly what I get when I hear that “No, it didn’t” line. Again, in retrospect, I’m more than happy. But it still twinges a little. Regardless, it’s far better than if he had succumbed to fan desire to see Mulder and Scully all over each other as if this were any other primetime show.

  6. I don’t agree that Scully looked bored after this kiss, but I’ll confess that it disappoints me on some level. I think it’s the camera angle, and not just because we don’t see much thanks to Chris’ usual antics. The angle is a bit too awkward for me, the close-up on Scully’s contemplative half-smile too tight. If he would have pulled back just a bit I would love this kiss a whole lot more. Then again, it is a very intimate shot, almost like you’re looking over their shoulders. And at least it’s fully lit this time. We won’t be seeing another fully lit kiss for awhile.

    • But, I love the angle! And they dragged the slo-mo out just long enough without milking it too far. Honestly, I love it up to, “No, it didn’t.” And then I start to feel the nags.

  7. Why i didnt pay attention during English in school?! I had so much to say about this episode and THAT scene but i can´t!
    Nice work again, Salome!! You are a great writer.

    I follow you in Twitter btw (im @eltiorodri, something like “Uncle Rodri”)

  8. First thing: I speak French (and learned English mostly through X-files!!) (okay, in school also, because here in French Canada we have to learn the second language spoken in our country!!) and so that may explain some bizarre formulation in my comment.
    Second thing: I can’t leave my first comment here without saying how much I enjoy your reviews and this site. I think my story as a Phile follow your a bit: I was a fan back in the days where x-files actually aired, but also was very young, then forgot about all this (maybe that’s not your case), then recently remembered and started re-watching the show. I wanted to know how I would understand it, now that I am a grown up with a master degree in literature nonetheless. And… fell totally in love with X-files again. Soooo since I started my great re-watch, I searched for something like you provide here, i.e. great analysis, preferably made by a shipper. The sad part is that I discovered your blog just recently, but hey, I found it, that’s what’s count. Okay, enough said.
    A lot of people says it here, but I’ll say it too because it’s true: I totally agree with most of your analysis/review of the episodes – and of that episode in particular. What you said and other people said in their comments about the kiss made me think a lot. We can’t dislike it because it builds itself on a tension that goes through all the series and comes at point (that may be a french formulation – I mean it comes at the right time), as naturally as you said, and yes, it’s beautiful. But there’s also a dry taste about it, and I ask myself if it would not be because yes, it’s tie to the serie as a whole, but not really to the events in the episode. To it’s timeline, yes – after all, it’s a new year kiss, but not to the plot – at least I don’t think so. The fact that we can’t even remember the plot is relevant. I don’t know if it absolutely has to be tied to it (probably not). But in this case, maybe if this first kiss had come also as an emotional resolution, more would have come with it, more intense could have been the episode also. But maybe that’s what they wanted to avoid. The hand-holding at the end of Pusher, in some ways, did what I talk about: it meant a lot, ended very well the episode and also put a brick in the msr as a whole. Bref – the Millenium kiss was much appreciated and I watched it countless time, but it was also, in my opinion, somehow too « light », this maybe proving what you said: the show is now about two people who loves each other. Or maybe we can just take it as it is and understand that Mulder and Scully are in fact changing, to the point where, later in the season, they’ll « get out of the damn car and enjoy something approaching a normal life », as we will see them watching Caddyshack instead of chasing whatever has to be chased. But that’s something else and we can talk about it later…. 😉
    Sorry if I’ve been long and feel free to disagree with what I suggest here!

    • I think your English is lovely! Thank you so much for making the effort to comment. ❤

      But there’s also a dry taste about it… the Millenium kiss was much appreciated and I watched it countless time, but it was also, in my opinion, somehow too « light »

      I’m delighted and surprised to find out that I’m not the only one who feels this way about it. I said before and I still think that it’s wonderful that Mulder and Scully’s relationship waited to blossom until it was already a foregone conclusion. But playing Devil’s Advocate, perhaps they waited a little too long? Perhaps that’s why they look nonchalant about it? Perhaps that’s why we don’t feel fully satisfied by the consummation?

  9. I’m going to go ahead and throw away whatever minor amount of legitimacy I may have gained through my previous comments up to this point, and just throw this out there:

    Has anyone else noticed that Frank Black and Scully are incredulous-eyebrow-raising twins?

    Seriously, though…I don’t think there’s much I can add to what’s already been said in your review and the subsequent comments. On the whole, I’d consider this a solid (but not exceptional) X-File – mostly because I dig zombies, and if I take this as a straight-up MOTW episode, I find it to be quite well done in terms of creepiness and in conveying a sort of classic X-Files atmosphere that reminds me of the early years in Vancouver.

    As for the Kiss, well…I’m falling in with the pack on this one. Yes, it was lovely, and I’m not ashamed to admit I rewound it a few times – but there was also something anti-climactic about it. While I agree it makes a certain kind of sense that it’s become, by this point, totally inevitable and not really a matter of urgency, I would have been so much happier had there been just a teeny, tiny bit more passion involved. Even just a little brush of the hair or caress of the cheek on the part of either of them (neither of which would have been unprecedented) would have elevated my reaction from “Awww” to full-on squeals of fangirl joy.


    • Gasp! I knew there was a reason they bounced off each other so well in that scene! Did anyone check to see if their eyebrows are opposites or if they match?

      On the whole, I’d consider this a solid (but not exceptional) X-File

      Sigh. Theme of the season.

  10. I do love the kiss in this episode, but I agree it doesn’t quite seem… enough? No, I’m not meaning I want Mulder to throw Scully down on the floor and start tearing off her clothes, but there was just something… just okay about it. It just didn’t have the emotional impact that their first kiss on screen should have had. A large part of the enjoyment of the kiss stems from the spontaneity of it: the shock that an average episode suddenly threw this on at the end. And while that’s all great and I’ll admit that my jaw hit the floor when I first saw this episode and my finger flicked back to the rewind button… a few times, afterwards… I kinda just forgot about it.
    Someone above mentioned the holding hands at the end of Pusher, and I have to say that even though it’s more subtle; it’s so much more memorable in my mind. I don’t always remember the kiss in this episode and if I do, it doesn’t generate the same giddiness.
    Looking back I don’t really remember ANY of the mouth-to-mouth Mulder and Scully kisses of this season or the next two having any lasting effect on me beyond the initial excitement of seeing these two characters kiss. In some ways, this isn’t really shocking. It’s like a fantastic show that gradually builds towards an amazing finale (like The X-Files), and then the finale doesn’t live up to what people expected (like The X-Files). By this time in show, the romance and sexual tension between Mulder and Scully had reached such an intense level that any kind of kiss was never going to live up to all the temptation, the glances, the hand holding, the little brushes of someone’s hair, the sly smiles. There was just too much expectation.

    Maybe that’s just my opinion but the Mulder and Scully kisses never got me as excited as when they almost kissed, or when should have kissed (the hallway scene in the movie). The kisses themselves whilst sweet never reached the level of romance and intensity that I expected of them. The temptations and the yearnings were so much more exciting.

    That’s just my two cents though. I DO love the kiss in this episode and I am happy it finally came about; I just share the same sentiments as others about its overall impact.

    Actually! The one kiss I do remember and I still love is the one at the end of Season 8, but I’ll wait patiently for you to get to that one.

    • I do love the kiss in this episode, but I agree it doesn’t quite seem… enough? No, I’m not meaning I want Mulder to throw Scully down on the floor and start tearing off her clothes, but there was just something… just okay about it… Someone above mentioned the holding hands at the end of Pusher, and I have to say that even though it’s more subtle; it’s so much more memorable in my mind.

      I hadn’t thought about it specifically in comparison, but that’s true. When I think of my favorite MSR moments, this never mentally comes up which is telling. I *do* love it, it’s just that, like you said, there are moments with more emotional impact. For me, I think it would have done it if it hadn’t been downplayed *quite* so much as they walked away. Their initial reactions were great, but after that it was anticlimactic – which may have been CC’s point.

      Actually! The one kiss I do remember and I still love is the one at the end of Season 8, but I’ll wait patiently for you to get to that one.

      I personally feel that even if I hadn’t enjoyed a single Season 9 episode, it would’ve been worth it for that. In case you wanted a preview. ^^

  11. Besides the Millennium Kiss there is one other scene that I really like in this episode. At the beginning, there is a great camera shot of Mulder down in the bottom of the grave and Scully up on top. This is a nice shipper moment when they begin talking and Mulder wishes Scully a Merry Christmas (LOL).

  12. Originally posted by geo0033:
    (The MIllenium Kiss) – “It just didn’t have the emotional impact that their first kiss on screen should have had.”

    To me, the first kiss was the one in FtF – nevermind that it got interrupted – the intentions were there and the emotional impact was there, it was their great moment with no going back. The thumbs across the lips in Amor Fati was the conclusion of that kiss IMO. These two non-kisses had the emotional impact of a kiss in my book, while the Millenium kiss was more like a sweet gesture, much less personal, much less at stake at this point. And it was just right 🙂 (Yeah I would have loved a passionate up-against-the-wall scene but by s7 the moment had passed, IMO).

  13. First of all, I must introduce myself as a first time watcher (because when X-Files aired in ’90s I was too scared to fall asleep after watching, funny, since now I find it hard to do without an episode) and as a person, who has two things in common with Sophie who spoke above: I’m not a native speaker of English and I’m a fan of your reviews from the day I found them. For me they are not only a way of expanding pleasure form every episode (kinda like fanfiction) but also a way of brushing up my linguistic skills, and as far as I can judge, your writing style is very creative, so I enjoy seeing ‘what can be done with English’.

    I’m not gonna write about The Kiss but about the short dialog after. Because is it me, or there should be a question mark, after Mulder’s “The world didn’t end.” ? Then Scully’s response makes more sense. I hear that question mark and it seems to be meaningful. First of all – it’s as if Mulder was after all – one tiny bit unsure about the – so to say – outcome of his action ;). And it’s somehow very sweet. It is after all kind of turning point in their relationship (I may be overinterpreting, but there seems to be a slight change of his approach in next few episodes, like he’s a bit more openly protective of Scully, maybe? ).

    And the second thing: it’s like a wink towards Carter’s initial concept of never letting MSR bloom. It’s like saying (maybe to himself): So, they kissed. And your precious world of X-Files didn’t end.

    • That’s so awesome! Thank you!! See how educational The X-Files can be? LOL

      Because is it me, or there should be a question mark, after Mulder’s “The world didn’t end.” ? Then Scully’s response makes more sense.

      I hadn’t thought about it like that, but thinking back in my mind’s eye I’d say it’s entirely possible that Mulder was looking for a little confirmation which would allow Scully’s nearly deadpan response to make more emotional sense – She’s quietly admitting the truth.

      And the second thing: it’s like a wink towards Carter’s initial concept of never letting MSR bloom. It’s like saying (maybe to himself): So, they kissed. And your precious world of X-Files didn’t end.

      I very much like this interpretation. CC isn’t sticking it to the audience, he’s sticking it to himself.

  14. ooooh, I don’t know how it is that I am just now discovering your reviews, but I must say they are AWESOME, and I am loving reading them!! I have been a huge Phile since the show was still on the air, and somehow its still my favorite after all these many years- THAT is a show that has greatness, to inspire the loyalty that it does…
    your description of ‘the kiss’– brilliant and I couldn’t agree more but you said it better than I ever could! Can’t wait to read all your reviews!! 🙂

  15. It just warms my shipper heart to see people still discovering and discussing the X-Files. I’m going to jump right to the kiss, as I can’t even pretend to remember the rest of the episode.
    At the time (and I saw the kiss live, though I knew it was going to happen) I too was curious and a bit disappointed by Scully’s reaction after “The world didn’t end.” I didn’t think she was bored, but rather … unhappy. Watching it now, I love it. I feel it’s absolutely, totally brilliant, in character and serves the rest of the season well. Mulder and Scully’s reaction immediately after the kiss are perfect … the goopy smiles and obvious high of having just met lips. The tone was right – it was New Year’s, when everyone kisses, not a high emotional moment as in FTF or AF; had the kiss happened then, it would have left no question as to the state of the their relationship. Passion would have been necessary, as these moments are so intimate, so emotional. But a kiss at New Year’s? A very good toe dip in the water on Mulder’s part. After FTF and Triangle, we, the audience, know he wants to kiss Scully. But I don’t think he really knows how she feels about the possibility of a romance. Let’s not forget, the first thing he says after the bee stung her was “I’m sorry.” He is careful to not overstep. I think AF helped give him the courage to act on his feelings, but it was not the moment to shove his tongue in her mouth and carry her away. Also, with the kiss taking place on such an “appropriate” occasion as New Year’s, it leaves the viewers guessing for pretty much the rest of the season as to the status of the relationship. I personally was convinced at the time that something started there – even if they weren’t sleeping together. Had the moment been more passionate, there would have been no room for speculation – which is not nearly as much fun in hindsight.
    As for Scully’s reaction – in retrospect, I think Mulder’s words snapped her out of her euphoria, into “holy sh*t” …. now what?” He then reacts to her reaction … as in “Did I make a mistake?” It was such a huge moment – I think they (especially Scully) need to process it. Which actually sets up “all things” well too.
    Okay, enough rambling. Loved all the other comments, btw.

  16. The kiss is so ordinary because they have already gotten their groove on.

    They have been together physically and have kissed many times before. Tis is how I interpret the kiss especially since they are suppose to have been in a sexual relationship long before All Things.

  17. I gotta chime in, cause this post has prompted me to review some season 7 (the most sentimental for me, because it’s when I finally got on the X-Files train as a kid in 1999).
    First of all, I love your treatment of the infamous kiss.
    I, like many Philes, am guilty of cuing up “Millenium” only to fast forward to the last scene.
    Second of all, I love watching the last few eps of season 7 with the retrospective knowledge that Scully is pregnant WITH MULDER’S BABY. We didn’t know this at the time, or really until a full season later. It now makes me cackle with glee. This is my new hobby. That’s how bad I have the Philia.
    Damn, I miss the fandom. Let’s stick together, folks!

  18. Also, can anyone explain why they stay in separate hotel rooms in Requiem (at least initially)? Or should I wait for the full treatment of that episode in its own post?

    • I am also late to this party and have recently discovered both your reviews and my own childhood obsession with the X files. i have ben re watching and would have to agree with the reviewer above…the kiss feels ordinary because it is…well at least for Mulder and Scully. they have literally been there, done that so the kiss is very normal to them. I interpret her look as ‘oh, so we are doing this in public now are we?‘. please keep reviewing. i LOVE your insights!!!

      • Where is Salome? is she still writing I do not hear from anyone anymore. What is going on? In School or is it just time consuming?

  19. I have been wondering the same thing! I just discovered these reviews recently and really want her to continue!!!

    • I am back to watching the files verbatim. up to season 5. scully’s best look. It’s the hair. Marsden only did her hair for two seasons. she seem to have had a ;new hairdresser every season after that. Andy Williams died today. I wondered how it would have been if Scully sang Moon River instead of Jeremiah was a Bull Frog. I think it would have been sweeter since she read Breakfast at Tiffanie’s during the roach segment.

    • How do I get a Scully face instead of a bug spong?

  20. Mincal – save a pic you like on your computer. Then, click on your WordPress name and then select ‘Public Profile’ and you will see your ‘Gravatar’ and the options on how to change it.

  21. What I think is really funny about the MSR in this season is that as opposed to season 6 where they were still in denile (at least overtly), people would randomly come up to them and assume they were married or at least together. But in this season, where they ARE actually together (apparently before All Things), people they’re “close” to like Skinner and CSM just assume they’re still just BFF’s. I LOVE in En Ami when Cancer Man wonders aloud to Scully why she can’t bring herself to love Mulder and Scully just gets this beautiful, subtle look on her face as if to say, “if you only knew, Cancer Man…” And I think Skinner’s STILL in denile that they’re together…(his face while they make-out in front of him in The Truth is just like, “Oh, God, your totally, yeah, um, I’m just gonna look, go, over…uhhggg, I’m gonna have to wash my eyes out with bleach now, darrrrr.”

  22. It’s a shame they put the kiss in at the end. It ruins everything else about this awesome episode, and takes the magic away from Frank Black and the Millennium group tie in. All people ever talk about, as evident by comments posted here already, is the fuckin’ kiss. The emotional scene of Frank being reunited with Jordan is 10x better then some meaningless kiss, especially if you were a Millennium fan and know Frank’s back story.

    As for the actual meat of the episode, I though it was a little thin. But it had to be because of the time wasted on introducing Frank and the group. I would have liked it to have gone a bit more into Frank’s involvement with this zombie plan; it would have made his double-crossing of the group all the more rewarding when he chose to save Mulder rather than kill himself.

    It’s still an excellent, creepy episode, though. What’s funny is this is probably the most outrageous thing Frank’s investigated…zombies. I don’t remember anything of the sort in Millennium; it was far for grounded in reality (granted he “fought” Lucy Butler, a demon, but never overtly so like with these zombies. It just goes to show how much more of a serious show it was than X-Files (not that either are better or worse for being so).

    • I half-agree on your comment about the kiss. But you know this scene is heaven to those shippers. I think the kiss is in continuity of their relation, but I don’t think that it needs to be taaaaaaalked and taaaaaaaaalked about how great it was.
      One thing I do thing, though, is that you seem to complain a lot in your comments, even cursing and stuff. It is kind of annoying.

  23. Gosh you’re a great writer. Hope you come back… x

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  25. I consider myself a shipper-lite, that is, I’m all for Mulder and Scully ending up together, but only for as long as it didn’t take precedence over the mythology, the horror and the political thriller aspects of the show. Funnily enough, the only thing that really got resolved, in a satisfactory manner, was the romantic relationship.

    I’m saying all this, only to point out that I thought “The Kiss” felt so cold. I can’t understand why so many shippers love that moment. I understand that they were playing it in a non-romantic, “just friends in New Year’s Eve” kind of way, but it looked like Mulder and Scully were barely acquaintances. Don’t know if the director is to blame, or the actors. In my opinion, the near-kiss in FTF was a better moment, that it wasn’t followed up or acknowledged during Season 6 was a crime.

    As for “Millennium”, the episode, at the time, when it aired, I thought it was an good episode, even if actual raising-from-the-dead type of zombies were a little over the top, even for The X-Files. This, of course, was BEFORE I had watched MillenniuM, the series. I only became a fan of that show after it got released on DVD, and now, I must say, I feel like the X-Files episode is a letdown. Even Frank Spotnitz admits that the episode was little more than an excuse to have Frank Black, Scully and Mulder onscreen together. Still, it is light-years better than “Jump the Shark” (another attempt at wrapping a different series with an X-Files episode)!!!

  26. Be still my Shipper heart. OK, I hate being easy… Mulder is officially forgiven for the malarky in The Sixth Extinction. Damn, it only took a couple of episodes too… Yep, easy, and strangely happy now… 🙂 Sculder for the win!!! 😀

  27. How come when Skinner handed the photo of the Millennium Group’s symbol (the snake eating it’s tail) to Mulder and Scully, Scully didn’t pipe up and say “hey, I got one of those tattooed on my butt!”

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  29. I love how Dick Clark is like “Get ready for the loudest cheering you’ll ever hear in your whole life.” right before the kiss


  30. Of course I love the Millennium kiss but two things always jar it for me:1) David Duchovny looks into the camera for a half second beforehand, and 2) I don’t think Scully looked bored me she looked disappointed that Mulder felt compelled to crack a joke, however weak it was.

  31. I loved the zombies…got to get that out of the way. Twas a creepy MOTW with the Millennium tie in. Frank Black is a great character.

    The kiss was…kind of expected imo. It was the natural thing to do at this time in their lives and career together so far. Bringing in the new year was just a handy excuse to finally let it go.

    I agree with another poster who said CC was just letting us know it really didn’t mean the end of the world. I think others were disappointed because it was kind of flat. IMO Scully and Mulder were already very comfortable with it because of everything that came before.

    • It was a little flat. “Flat” is probably the best word. Or I should say, it was like a cake that rose and looked perfect when you pulled it out of the oven, and THEN it fell flat.

      It still tasted good, though.

  32. To me, I think Scully’s reaction is that she seems a little sad rather than disappointed after Mulder’s comment following the kiss.

    Maybe she’s hoping for something more from him?

  33. I loved the kiss. It was super cute and sweet and adorable and I could go on and on… had me cheesy smiling for a long while after. I only wish it were done in under different circumstances or in a different place. It was cheapened a bit because of the new years tie in, like mulder only got the idea from watching others smooch on tv. It kinda lessened the impact for me that it should have had. But I know he’s been wanting to kiss her for a pretty long time already and judging by the look on Scully’s face afterward it looked a bit like “what took you so long?” I just wish the treatment was different-less like an afterthought and more like the huge deal it is. No stupid bees and no mulder imposters or weird bermuda triangle stuff….just Mulder and Scully’s first real kiss.

  34. I’m very late for the party but…
    in the episode’s script it says:
    ”MULDER: The world didn’t end.

    SCULLY: No, it didn’t.

    (SCULLY gets a wistful, far-away expression.)”
    What gives?

    The scene other than that was perfection though!

  35. I’m glad the x files tried to go back to basics here with a creepy episode. It is mostly creepy, starting off well. The teaser reminded me of Irresistible 2×13, which is one of the series most unsettling episodes. But Millennium unfortunately does not hit the mark. I think what let it down for me was the climax in the basement. It was almost comical to watch. There was no tension in that scene at all. Also some of the bright outside scenes detracted from the tone of the episode.

    However despite that, there were some moments that saved the episode. Yes the kiss at the end. It genuinely brought a smile and warm feeling to watch. I’d say it would be around this point that the two got it on, especially after that hallway scene in Amor Fati.

    Loved the moment Mulder said ‘morning’ to the inpatient at the psychiatric facility. It was laugh out loud. If you didn’t notice please go back and watch.

    It looks like Scully has dyed her her recently. It seems a little redder than normal. Scully has the Millennium symbol tattooed on her lower back. Would have been good to have a continuity nod to that. Also Scully experiencing and witnessing first hand the paranormal seems to be a recurring theme of the seventh season.

    I only watched season one of Millennium, so not fully familar with the plot or where it was at. But it doesn’t seem to matter as you can still follow the story. I plan to watch the series after the x files rewatch so it may add a bit more depth to this episode in the future.


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