Deadalive 8×15: Though he were dead, yet shall he live.


Merry Christmas to me!

I’ll tell you a secret. Scully is most people’s favorite… Well, Mulder was always my favorite and I’ve been slowly dying during his absence. Lo these many years and I’m starting to think I’ve been in love with the man this whole time. He infuriates me and I can’t live without him. I don’t know if that’s love but it’s close enough.

Scully: He was the last. His father and mother… his sister… all gone. I think the real tragedy, is that for all of his pain and searching,  the truth that he worked so hard to find was never truly revealed to him. [Crying] I can’t truly believe that I’m really standing here.

Skinner: I know. And I don’t truly believe that… Mulder’s the last.

So Skinner thinks Mulder knocked Scully up too, eh?

Well, if he did, it’s a good thing because it means he left Scully with a piece of himself. At least she has some comfort to show for all the time she’s spent on the X-Files, a time that looks like it’s coming to an end.

Deputy Director Kersh smells blood in the water. Mulder is dead and buried and has been for three months. Scully is about to go on maternity leave. And John Doggett was only ever on temporary assignment to the X-Files division. This is a perfect opportunity to close the X-Files for good. Skinner and Scully know it’s about to happen, but there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

Doggett is the one who won’t sit back and watch it happen. Though Doggett’s main impetus isn’t his personal investment in the work, but his emotional identification with Scully. He feels for her. He’s been there. He’s lost someone precious to him and he wants to support her through her grief. He wants to make sure the X-Files will be waiting for her when she gets back.

Kersh tempts Doggett to leave with a promotion… which is puzzling. I thought Kersh secretly didn’t want Doggett to find Mulder? That’s what we were told in “Without” (8×2). Now he’s commending him? He’s not upset that Doggett messed up his or someone else’s nefarious plans?

Perhaps there is no rhyme or reason other than this opportunity is meant to force Doggett to choose between a promising career at the F.B.I. and the trust he and Scully have built. Scully was ambitious once too, and more than once she’s chosen between her career and her personal involvement with the X-Files and with her partner. She can identify with Doggett as much as he can identify with her. But there’s a nagging niggle in the air that however much loyalty Doggett may show to Scully, their relationship will never develop to the degree that Mulder’s did with Scully and Doggett’s loyalty won’t pay off personally the way that Scully’s once did.

I kinda feel bad for Doggett, but then he tries to get in the way of Mulder’s resurrection and that is unacceptable behavior.

Because of course Mulder’s coming back to life! Even Chris Carter, sadist though he is, couldn’t be so cruel as to leave his beloved creation in the grave. Besides, Mulder still has to make an honest woman out of me.

Along with Mulder’s new lease on life there’s new life being breathed into the mythology. Krycek returns and there’s a new game afoot. These abductees are coming back to life for a reason, Krycek knows the reason, and for whatever reason, he’s out to prevent Scully’s baby from coming into the world. For that matter, I’m not convinced that Kryeck ever had a vaccine that would save Mulder. It seems more likely to me, and to Doggett, that the vaccine was a ploy to take out both Mulder and the baby with one stone. The vaccine he destroyed was likely either fake or poison.

Yes, Krycek’s motives are as obscured as ever. But it’s good to have him back. Though I’m afraid that as was the case with the recall of Jeremiah Smith in “This is Not Happening” (8×14), his primary purpose is to provide a link between the old mythology and the new and that he won’t be sticking around. Whatever these abductees are being resurrected for, that’s the future of the mythology.

Another relic of the old, Billy Miles, comes back as… what? Scully says he’s a completely new person, but other than his being in perfect health and having a new outlook on the aliens, I don’t understand why Scully says that. I don’t understand why she so easily believes that a virus caused his resurrection, either.

I also don’t understand why this new virus is so easily combatted. When Mulder and Scully were up against the Black Oil, a sentient form of alien life that would infect its host and either control them or gestate into a mature alien, it couldn’t be treated by any old antivirals. A vaccine specifically designed to counter the virus was necessary and that was awfully hard to come by. After all Mulder’s been through, after all Scully’s been through to find him, bringing him back to normal was as easy as giving him antivirals that weren’t engineered to treat the virus he’s infected with? So this new invasion is treatable with human resources already at hand? Hmm…

All we really learn in this episode is that there is a new virus and it’s turning abductees left for dead into new versions of themselves. Their true nature and purpose remains to be seen. The truth is, considering “Deadalive” marks Mulder’s much anticipated return, I’m surprised we got any new information at all.


All right. Let me be really real. I usually only watch two scenes from this episode: the one where Scully sees Mulder again for the first time and the one where Mulder wakes up. Hidden deep within Season 8, a season many fans threw up their hands and gave up on, are two of the most beautiful moments in the history of The X-Files.

Watching Scully put her hand on Mulder’s chest and feel him breathe again for the first time is just… everything. If you’ve ever lost anyone you cared about then you realize what a dream come true this is. You can actually feel her joy.

And the second scene I almost can’t type about. The look Mulder gives her when he wakes up is almost too beautiful for me to stand. The love is palpable. Palpable. I don’t understand how David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson can act that well. They can’t. No one can. They must’ve been living it in the moment. Thank you for that, you two. Thank you.

Poor Doggett, though. He walks in at just the wrong moment and officially becomes the third wheel. The man just gave up his future at the F.B.I. and laid all his bets on the X-Files only to be immediately displaced and rendered superfluous.

Or is it Mulder my beloved who’s superfluous now?


P.S. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” – Luke 2:11


Hold up. What is Kersh doing at Mulder’s funeral? Don’t pretend you cared.

Maggie Scully, though, it was good to see her. Too bad we didn’t get to hear her talk.

When she first arrives at the hospital, Scully walks toward Doggett with her hand on her belly like, “You can’t say ‘no’ to a pregnant woman, can you?”

Scully keeps snuggling up to his unconscious form but… Mulder must’ve smelled though, right?

Kersh tells Doggett to drop the case but he’s not really doing anything. Skinner and Scully are.

Krycek… you, sir, are every kind of name in the book. And don’t you touch Mulder’s nameplate! Unclean! Unclean!!

Why did they ever put Mulder and Billy Miles on life support if they were breathing on their own?

They wouldn’t have embalmed Mulder. There was no way there was ever going to be an open casket. Nope. Sorry. But one does have to wonder why the F.B.I. didn’t autopsy him. They would have wanted to confirm that he had similar injuries to the previous victim.

Best Quotes:

Kersh: It’s going to be awful crowded down in that X-Files office.


Scully: Agent Doggett, however I felt about you when we first met, you changed my opinion with the quality of your character and of your work. Now, I am thankful to know you and I am thankful for your concern. But no matter what Mulder’s chances are the choice not to open up that grave was wrong. And not because of me personally but as my partner on the X-Files. Now, the truth may hurt but it’s all that matters.


Betcha thought I was going to transcribe Mulder and Scully’s reunion. Well, I’m not. Watch it. The dialogue is dead without the delivery.

21 responses to “Deadalive 8×15: Though he were dead, yet shall he live.

  1. I seriously cannot handle the scene where Mulder wakes up – it makes me smile like a moron, cry big fat tears and cheer all at the same time! It truly is just SO freaking beautiful – you can feel the relief and the joy radiating off the screen.

    I’d bet CC knew how upset Philes got over the whole “Mulder brain disease” storyline BS and wanted to at least give us that glorious reunion untainted by their random plot contrivances…

    Merry (belated) Christmas to you, Salome, and God Bless! Thanks again for taking the time to do these fantastic reviews – I’m really enjoying your take on one of my all time favorite shows!

    • CC’s like one of those boyfriends who keeps making his girl cry and then right before she’s about to break up with him he does something so sweet and endearing that she can’t. It’s a cycle. It goes all the way to “The Truth”.

      That scene was worth it, though… as long as you can fast forward through most of Season 8 right to it.

      Thank you, sweetie!! And a very Merry Christmas to you too!

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  3. Every time I think about how much I wish season 8 didn’t exist, I think about the fact that they we would have been deprived of the two glorious scenes with M/S at the hospital (and the final minute of the season finale…but we’ll get there). It’s pure gold and after all the waiting for Mulder to come back, it was a wonderful reward. And I do believe that Mulder probably smelled like…death, but what we are witnessing here is true, unconditional love. I think Scully would have crawled onto that bed and laid down next to him if she wasn’t pregnant.

    I thought Scully said Billy Miles came back as a new person because he didn’t remember anything about who he was before his abduction. His earliest memories were of the spaceship, which is why Scully’s face fell when Mulder asked who she was when he woke up. She thought she didn’t save him in enough time from losing his memories and past self and became an alien soldier who just happens to look/sound like Mulder. Mulder didn’t realize how ill-timed that joke really was for her.

    I loved seeing how defensive Scully got when she found out Doggett didn’t want to exhume Mulder. No one gets in her way when it comes to Mulder! I can’t fight my strong feelings of just wanting to push Doggett away. Like, ok sir…thanks for all of your placeholding help, but my main man is back so you can go back to wherever it is you came from before Scully ever heard your name. His stubbornness isn’t endearing like Scully’s is to me. He frustrates me even more when he’s being so hardheaded and the fact that we now focus on his emotional journey so much doesn’t make it better. I’d rather watch 45 minutes of Scully holding vigil at Mulder’s bedside whispering to him about all they’re going to do once he gets better than anything else at them moment.

    I was always a Scully fan over Mulder, but damn I missed him so much. They both bring out the best in each other. Mulder’s finally back! *happy dance*

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    • Also…such missed opportunities with Maggie Scully. I will never not be angry that we didn’t get any scenes of Scully talking to Maggie about everything she’s been going through. Sadly we only get her for the dreaded baby shower. *shudder*

      • Why, WHY wasn’t she comforting Scully through the absence and loss of Mulder? Too expensive to fly Sheila Larkin down from Vancouver?

      • Amen, amen and AMEN. And the flight to Vancouver costs next to nothing on their budget (no exaggeration); they simply didn’t think about adding that depth to the story line. Grr.

        I sincerely hope Sheila Larken’s scene(s) in 2016 consist of something SUBSTANTIAL, along the lines of her role in “One Breath”. And please, I want to Maggie call him “Fox”, it makes me so happy.

    • The interview with Billy Miles was so brief, maybe if they had had more time it would be clearer, but I got the impression that he didn’t know how he got there, but that he still remembered who he was and that he’d been abducted before because he says, “Now I know they’re here to save us.”, or something along those lines. If they were trying to indicate that Billy’s identity and memory were completely gone, then the rest of it would make more sense. Scully says he’s a different person because he’s not the Billy Miles she knew. Though, even then, memory loss and personality changes could easily be explained as a result of the physical trauma he went through.

      But I don’t think it’s major either way. They’re just dropping hints about what’s coming in the season finale two-parter and about what they planned to build on in a still undetermined Season 9. I get it.

      And, yes! Mulder loosens Scully up. Doggett is great and all but Scully and Doggett just didn’t make for a memorable partnership. My apologies to all the hardcore Scully/Doggett shippers out there. He has more chemistry with Reyes.

      Doggett deserved to be told off by Scully. That was overstepping. And if a man could be saved, it was his job to see if he could save him. I still felt bad for Doggett in that last shot, though.

      Though I also kinda wish he hadn’t interrupted my moment! Why taint that kind of beauty with interpersonal drama???

      I did have a good Christmas and I hope you had one too!

      • “Though I also kinda wish he hadn’t interrupted my moment! Why taint that kind of beauty with interpersonal drama???”

        Because 1013 just can resist reminding us that things aren’t going back to normal. Hey guys, I know you’re happy Mulder is back, but don’t forget about Doggett! I with they hadn’t had him peek into the room. It’s such an invasion of M/S’s personal bubble. No one else is allowed in!

        I had a great Christmas, too! Thanks 🙂

        • Yep. That’s it. I just wish I could enjoy the last of my time together with Mulder and Scully without constantly being told that I need to shift my affections. I get it. I know it’s coming. But it’s not here yet, dang it.

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  9. Just watched this last night and noticed for the first time that Mulder mouths “I love you” before he gets all joke-y with the “did anyone miss me” line. In the next episode (it’s a lot less subtle) Scully mouths “It’s yours” when Mulder’s getting all moody about her having a baby without him in his (now clean) apartment. David and Gillian are brilliant.

    Won’t comment further as I’ve already expressed my exasperation with the whole bringing Mulder back from the dead/alienhood with ‘really really good’ antibiotics story. Sometimes I think Chris was out on the wacky weed when he approved some of the Season 8 and 9 storylines…

  10. Well, yeah…

    The resurrection stuff was almost parody and so unbelievable that I could not become invested in it.

    As you say, the scenes with Scully and Mulder were worth price of admission by themselves. I liked Alex in this being his evil bastard self. 🙂 though it reminds me of Gollum just popping up in LOTR just to piss Frodo and the audience off. Heh!

    At this point in the series and season I am just thinking 1013 are throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks. This new(?) mythology is interesting but it comes out of nowhere and feels like it was needed to placate CC as that was his reason for creating the show in the first place.

    I feel sorry for Patrick’s character as he is really stuck between a rock and a hard place in the second half of this season. TBH I think they should have hastened the switch to him and Reyes this season so they could have been the main characters in season nine with a new direction, new stories with GA and DD showing up here and there for continuity..eventually replacing them wholesale.

    As it worked out there were two many chefs in the kitchen and not enough recipes.

  11. I love Krycek. He made things interesting. I’m gonna miss him. I wish we knew more about him. They should have given him a backstory.

  12. Doggett = YES.
    Loved his run-in with Krycek and his over all development just in this episode alone. However, I did want to strike him dead when he was trying to stifle Mulder’s resurrection. Bad Doggett.

    Scully = NO.
    Stop your weeping woman. What happened to the little-Miss-Science of seasons past? She’s no longer the same Scully. I know this is likely and reasonably intentional to some degree, but I’m more than ready for Reyes to throw her a baby shower and step in already. I really don’t like Soap Scully. I think Skinner called her Dana again, this or last episode. No, not allowed.

    Mulder = YES.
    “Who are you?” Psyche! The Mulder we know and love. Welcome back to the fold, righteous bro.

    I liked this episode better than the last, but so much back-and-forth almost gave me whiplash. I think I need medical attention. This reminds me. Salome, surely you knew that modern Western medicine cures alien viruses which turn people into aliens? Oh, you didn’t.

  13. Not as good as the previous episode but there is a lot of great stuff here, in particular Gillian Anderson’s scenes. I think these two episodes have been some of her best acting in the series. The funeral scene is heartbreaking, because Mulder is actually ‘dead’, a scene you never thought would happen. It is set beautifully with the snow in the background, and welcome back Margaret Scully – it has been too long!

    I read in a review that it would have been good if they ended the previous episode, “This Is Not Happening” 8X14, with the funeral scene, and then carry on and see Scully & Doggett investigating for the 3 months that we don’t see. I think that would have been a fantastic idea. You could see Scully coming to terms with Mulder’s death and then the episodes wouldn’t feel like filler waiting for Mulder because he had been found. Then watching “Deadalive” 8X15 would have a more powerful and unexpected impact.

    Most of this episode seems to be set in a hospital building.

    How did Krycek get into the FBI building, and who is he working for now? And does he really think Skinner would kill Scully’s baby?

    If I were Doggett I would have run and got a syringe and needle (he is in a hospital basement) and extracted as much possible of the spilled vaccine on the floor.

    So Mulder was just cured by anti-virals? How did his decomposing tissue regenerate? I think it would have been better if he was ‘healed’ by Jeremiah Smith, or another alien being. It would be more believable.

    The final scene is perfect when Mulder wakes up, but you do really feel Doggett is a spare part, and no longer needed.


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