Three Words 8×18: Fight the future.



That sound you hear is me sobbing with joy.

Scully: Mulder, I don’t know if you’ll ever understand what it was like. First learning of your abduction, and then searching for you and finding you dead. And now to have you back and, uh… [Her voice cracks]

Mulder: Well, you act like you’re surprised.

Scully: I prayed a lot. And my prayers have been answered.

Mulder: [Indicates her growing belly] In more ways than one.

Scully: Yeah.

Mulder: I’m happy for you. I think I know… how much that means to you.

Scully: Mulder…

Mulder: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be cold or ungrateful. I just… I have no idea where I fit in…  right now. I just, uh… I’m having a little trouble… processing… everything.

If you expected Mulder and Scully’s reunion to pick up at the warm and fuzzy place where it left off in “Deadalive” (8×15) you were mistaken. Mulder’s been abducted by aliens, tortured for almost a year, been returned dead or something that looked a little too close to it, been buried, exhumed, hooked up on tubes and given a rigorous course of medical treatments that barely allowed him to escape transforming into something inhuman. He’s come back to find he’s not dying despite having shelled out for a tombstone, his position on the X-Files has been filled by a stranger, and his partner and lover is knocked up. Oh, and Molly his fish died. He has some things to work through.

It makes sense for Mulder to feel out of sorts and angry. If anything, I wish he’d been given more time to work through those feelings. But with only six episodes left to wrap up David Duchovny’s time on The X-Files, his character doesn’t get that luxury. Mulder’s clock is running out and before he goes he has to wrap up his personal issues, say goodbye to the old gang, meet and greet the new crew, and give some clarity to his relationship with Scully.

Scully appears a little put out by Mulder’s lack of enthusiasm at being back. But she doesn’t show hurt until he acts too emotionally removed from the baby situation. “I’m happy for you?” “I know how much that means to you?” Those are the words of a mere sperm donor.

Excuse me? Oh, are we going to start this now? So now you’re going to make Mulder and Scully dance around whether or not they’re having a baby together? You’re going to pretend “all things” (7×17) never happened? Play like they aren’t a couple? So it’s like that, huh, Chris Carter? Okay. Fine.

I wish I could just ignore this plot and I usually do. But because of “Per Manum” (8×8), for the rest of Season 8 it becomes the main question right up until the last scene of the finale. So for the purposes of this rewatch I can’t escape it. And for those of you who are watching for the first time, you can’t escape the wait. Put your patient panties on.

Before I stop complaining and move on to the rest of the episode, let’s take a moment to discuss Mulder’s magically disappearing no-name brain disease because we will never hear of it again. Yep. After the tears, trauma and drama… that’s it. It’s gone and even Mulder doesn’t care. This plot existed purely to put extra emotional pressure on the viewing audience. It was never an integral part of the overall Season 8 storyline or of Mulder’s character development.

With Scully’s cancer, there were things that led up to it and things that derived from it, connections with other storylines that were made stronger because of it. There were places that it took the characters that they otherwise wouldn’t have gone. This brain disease… this was useless. And for it to miraculously go away and never be mentioned again adds insult to storytelling injury.

I’ll discuss this more in the Season 8 Wrap Up, but one weakness The X-Files had that came to a head in the last two seasons especially was the habit of wriggling out of difficult plots by invoking a miracle at the last second. We’ll get to that. For now, this is one more miracle. Mulder is cured. The end.

I know that so far it sounds like I hate this episode but I don’t at all. So let me finish with the gripes and get on to the good stuff.

The old team is finally back together but instead of teamwork we get tension. I’m glad it happened, though, because it needed to happen. As I said, a man can’t just walk back into his old life after all the people in it have emotionally and physically buried him. There is a sad moment, though, when Mulder is back at his desk and Skinner and Scully don’t look at all happy to see him there.

Since Mulder’s back, Skinner and Scully are free to go back to being skeptics. Which they do. Immediately. Scully now claims Absalom defies all standards of credibility when she believed he and Jeremiah Smith could help her save Mulder a mere two episodes ago.

O Absalom, Absalom! We barely knew ye before the conspiracy killed ye. But at least you served to open Doggett’s eyes to the possibility that he was being used. This episode was not poor Doggett’s happiest hour. After working so hard to save Mulder and being genuinely happy to see him back and healthy, Mulder returns the favor by hating him instantaneously and irrationally. It’s irrational but it’s understandable. Doggett is the kind of stubborn unbeliever that Mulder naturally dislikes, and it’s a man like him of all men who is running his precious X-Files division and has taken up affection space in the hearts of his loved ones. All this while Mulder was being tortured and buried. Poor Mulder. Poor Doggett.

At least we finally get an emotional reprieve from all this angst when Mulder is reunited with the Lone Gunmen. Finally! A heartfelt Welcome Back and a little funky poaching. I am appeased, gentlemen.


This episode makes me wish so hard that we had had Mulder for more time in Season 8. He needed more time to work through his trauma. And he needed more time with Doggett… with whom he had a good antagonistic kind of chemistry. I’ve said it before, but I enjoy Skinner and Doggett as a pair more than Scully and Doggett. More Mulder and Doggett could have been delicious too. But that’s a subject we’ll pick back up a couple of episodes from now.

If it seems like I’m spending an unbalanced amount of time on the series’ relationships it’s because I am. As for the plot of “Three Words”, like much of the mythology this season, there isn’t much to it. We learn precious little more by the end of the episode than we did at the beginning.

Basically, it’s been confirmed yet again that the alien invasion is still going forward. As a matter of course, that information is being covered up. It’s also confirmed yet again that the coming invasion won’t look the way we expected it too. So I’m assuming that means the Black Oil infection has been rendered passé. We’ll hear one last gasp from that old plot before it sizzles out for good.

Even the revelation that there are creatures running around that look human but aren’t is really confirmation of what we suspected in “Deadalive”. The only telltale sign that they’re not normal is a bump on the nape of the neck. What’s with The X-Files and the nape of the neck? Oh yeah, and Doggett’s formerly trusted source is one of them. I guess there’s something new after all.



Scully just got Mulder back and she doesn’t want to risk losing him again. That’s a tough battle considering Mulder has always been irreparably reckless and self-destructive.

Doggett realizes that he too has been lied to and that there’s a conspiracy afoot. That’s always the first step in inextricably intertwining oneself with the X-Files.

When this first aired, I totally assumed that the eponymous three words would be “I love you.” I know I’m not alone.


Kersh says Scully and Doggett had a higher arrest rate than when Mulder was on the X-Files. Huh? I didn’t witness that.

The Lone Gunmen tease Mulder over their suspicions that he’s the father of Scully’s baby. Scully has almost no reaction. Mulder looks at her questioningly. Is the question, “You mean you didn’t tell them?”

Why does Mulder still have an apartment? Who’s been paying his rent this whole time? Even for three months after his death? Scully? Was she using Mulder’s savings? G-Men have savings?

Best Quotes:

Mulder’s back again so I have more to choose from… Hooray!!

Scully: Mulder, I know you know this, but if anything leaves this room you could be in violation of the law.

Mulder: Really? When I was dead I was hoping maybe they changed the rules.

Scully: Mulder, just being here could be used by Kersh as cause for dismissal.

Mulder: Then why don’t you shut the door so he doesn’t find out.


Frohike: You know, it’s really not fair. You’ve been dead for six months and you still look better than me. But not by much. [They hug]

Mulder: [Chuckles] Melvin. I’d be a whole lot happier to see you if you’d just take your hands off my ass.

Frohike: [Lets go] Sorry.


Mulder: [On communicator] Frohike? Langly? Byers? Let’s go. I’m dying out here.

Frohike: [On communicator] Well, let us just finish our cappuccino and biscotti, and we’ll see what we can do.

22 responses to “Three Words 8×18: Fight the future.

  1. At the risk of being spoilery, whispers have been traveling around the fandom that the revival is going to address the baby problem with perhaps a touch more humanity rather than adding more confusion to the mythology. I hope that the vagueness surrounding the parentage is cleared up. It’s silly to keep it in the shadows. And really, miracle sex is a better storyline than miracle alien baby.

    • So as not to spoil Seasons 8 & 9 for first time viewers… we’re owed a full resolution.

    • Yes to miracle sex. No to baby plotline – I’d just as soon have the revival ignore the whole thing completely. (Can you tell I’m pro-birth control?).

      • If I could erase the baby storyline with a magic wand, I would. But the truth is they did it and now they’re stuck with it. The question now is, will the Revival find a meaningful way to address the situation and add layers to the characters, or will it add to the spiral of BS that this storyline started? Both are possible, but from what I’ve heard, it sounds like some good may yet come out of this mess. Hopefully.

      • I’m speculating, but I suspect the main reason for having the baby plotline in the first place was to shock us at the end of Season 7, which was suspected to be the end of the series, and to keep us tuned in to what would happened to Mulder and Scully from here on out on the big (or small) screen.

        I’m not sure all the potential ramifications were thought through. Or maybe at the time they didn’t think they’d ever shoot the show completely without David Duchovny. I dunno. But by Season 9, the baby shocker backfired.

        • I think the writers forgot that there would actually be a baby around after this pregnancy. It’s like it was the one thing they just couldn’t magically make go away and say, “Well, now that plot is resolved and we’ll never speak of it again.” *coughEmilycough* But then they did the unspeakable in season 9 and it almost made this baby problem worse for them, so much so that it’s still a black cloud haunting their characters.

  2. I’m glad that this episode had Mulder be so unsure and awkward with everyone and everything. I wish that the only focus of this episode was on him and not how Doggett is trying to fit back in. Sorry Doggett, I only REALLY care about how Mulder and Scully are feeling at this moment. This all doesn’t make it hurt any less when Scully is tearfully trying to deal with this whole situation and a Mulder who’s trying so hard to make his mark and get his life back together while dealing with his traumatic experience. He needs to realize that he has even MORE of a life to come back to now. Baby Daddy drama is stupid. Mulder and Scully just need to have a real heart to heart and it could have been the missing scene between them at the end of this episode. I wanted that as a bookend instead of what we got with Doggett.

    MULDER: Scully, if you know something that can get us moving forward again, you need to tell me.

    Oh such a loaded statement! It hurts so much to see Scully standing there almost in tears because that’s all she wants with him…to get them moving forward again TOGETHER.

    Despite all the awkwardness, I just love having Mulder and his snarky humor back. If I squint my eyes I can almost pretend my show is finally back. Almost. And seeing the Lone Gunmen in their element helping Mulder sneak in somewhere is always a treat.

    • And to continue in that vein, Mulder has, at long last, gotten up close and personal with the truth he sought. And it was a horrible, horrible truth.

      How does he feel about that? How does he cope with that? Wouldn’t this light a fire under him to Fight the Future of colonization? Instead of fear of or anger at the aliens motivating him, it seems like what drives him this episode is the desire to prove he’s better at investigating the X-Files than Doggett.

      It seems a small motivation in comparison to what should have been.

      • You’re right. Mulder was ABDUCTED BY ALIENS, which, I believe, is the crux of the show, and they never actually speak about it. EVER. I’m going to keep saying this, but this abduction arc was completely wasted. It hurts to think about.

        • Which brings me back to my never ending question: Was Scully abducted by aliens, the Government, the Conspiracy, or all three? It’s been over 20 years and I still don’t know.

          That brings me to my second question that has never been answered: When did Scully start believing in aliens? She spends half of S8 running around smugly treating everyone who doesn’t believe in aliens like they’re morons…but she never expressed that she actually believed in them much ever before…I’m so confused…

          • 1. All three.
            2. “Biogenesis”.

            She was still in denial Season 6, then the topic gets ignored Season 7 until Mulder is abducted. Then Season 8 she confirms that she believes.

            We’re all confused.

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  4. I watched all/most/parts of this episode when it originally aired and it was so incredibly painful, it ended most of my even partial viewings from here on out. Intellectually I understand Mulder is enduring an alien abduction PTSD but I can’t appreciate that when Scully’s need for him to engage with her was palpable — and he can barely reference their baby??? To quote Sigourney Weaver in Galaxy Quest, “This episode was poorly written!!!” Mulder’s explanation of his behavior as “I just, uh… I’m having a little trouble… processing… everything” didn’t validate how or why Scully was left feeling so alone in his presence. GA is amazing here; my heart broke as I watched Scully navigate this trajectory uncertain who Mulder is and if he was willing to be a part of her new life.

    God how I still hate this script (and 1013s lazy writing, lack of planning and disregard for fans’ attentiveness) all these years later… *takes deep a breath*

    • THIS! Yes, I get the PTSD thing and all, but still, Mulder’s back. Now why do I want him to go away again? HE’S SOOOO ANOYING IN THIS EPISODE!

      Now I want to watch Galaxy Quest just to see that line delivered. I don’t know why I’ve never seen it. I love Enricho Colantoni (aka, Eliot, Keith Mars, Greg Parker, etc.).

      • They needed the luxury of time so they didn’t have to condense Mulder’s annoying attitude all into one episode. Or maybe if we’d seen him genuinely sad first…

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  6. Why do you say it was made clear in “All things” that they’re sleeping together? All I get get from that ep is that Scully stayed the night. It’s purposely left open, right? Sorry if I missed a longer post you’ve done on this subject.

    • Well, according to GA and Spotnitz, this episode was designed to be confirmation that they were indeed already in a romantic relationship. For those of us sitting at home when it first aired, it only added to our confusion because it says nothing definite, really. It’s a vague, sly confirmation rather than a firm one. But it’s purpose stands.

      • Thanks for the insight. Vague, sly confirmations is how CC rolls anyway. I just finished my rewatch. It seems to me that (ignoring commentaries, interviews, etc.) they don’t expressly reveal the baby is Mulder’s until that great scene when Scully looks at him and says “William, after your father.” And then in the revival, they hit us over the head it with it of course. Such a strange treatment of a strange storyline.

  7. “Mulder’s been abducted by aliens, tortured for almost a year, been returned dead or something that looked a little too close to it, been buried, exhumed, hooked up on tubes and given a rigorous course of medical treatments that barely allowed him to escape transforming into something inhuman. He’s come back to find he’s not dying despite having shelled out for a tombstone, his position on the X-Files has been filled by a stranger, and his partner and lover is knocked up. Oh, and Molly his fish died. He has some things to work through.”


    I LOVE having DD back in the saddle even though the above quote of yours makes me laugh out loud and groan with disbelief…When you look at it in one paragraph it just looks too stupid to be an idea of a script let alone the actual script! Hell, just having him buried for a day or two would have been a huge improvement but MONTHS!! Gah!

    Once you get to the episode though I was entertained and felt the tension between Mulder and Doggett was real and understood….although a quick “hey, thanks for finding me” would have been nice. 🙂

    Having TLG back in action was pretty sweet and I smiled along with them.

    Hey, I’m still plugging along with the XF though I’m watching them in a slower order as I also catch up with The Walking Dead and the new Agent of Shield…hard life I know.

  8. I’m not sure what to make of this one. It kind of feels like two different stories stuck together. One the one hand, the soap opera like drama of Mulder returning, the new dynamic, and him trying to adjust, and discovering Scully is pregnant. Surprisingly and annoyingly little is said by him on this. Not very realistic. On the other hand is the ‘x-file’ which is basically trying to break into this government facility with the lone gunman’s help. The latter is traditional x files ground. It kind of reminds me of “Memento Mori” 4X15 or “E.B.E” 1X16. The comedy with the lone gunman is great. But the whole plot is a bit pointless, a McGuffin, designed to stage the characters and their interactions. Also very convenient they were able to gain access to the facility, and escape so easily.

    It’s great seeing Mulder and Scully back working together, particularly the scene in the evidence storage. It was like old times. But sadly, it’s not.

    So Knowle Roher is a ‘Super Solider’. This phrase just makes me roll my eyes…


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