Empedolces 8×17: The pizza man is not above suspicion.


My regular pizza man.

“Empedolces” is one of my favorite episodes of Season 8. The X-File itself isn’t all that engaging, but Agent Reyes is established as a trustworthy character, Doggett’s backstory is at long last revealed, and we get more pure Mulder and Scully interaction in this one episode than in any other episode from the time of Mulder’s return to the season finale.

This X-File isn’t a fright fest, it’s a springboard for character and therefore audience discussion. There is an evil that leaps on a person when they’re emotionally vulnerable and can cause them to commit acts they never thought themselves capable of. I’m feeling echoes of “Irresistible” (2×13) in Mulder’s musings on the nature of evil, that once again, evil isn’t something so easily explained by psychology. Perhaps sometimes there’s an actual force behind it and people are open to that force at certain moments. Some things mommy issues can’t account for.

This X-File also finally lets us into Agent Doggett’s world. We now know how he and Agent Reyes met. They met on the case of Doggett’s missing son who was later found dead. It turns out, Doggett does have some previous experience with the paranormal, he just talked himself out of believing it. He and Reyes both saw a vision of his dead son burned to ashes that matches visions Reyes is having again on this new case.

It’s about time now for Doggett to start believing at least a little bit. He’s seen things he can’t explain all season. He’s even experienced things personally in “Via Negativa” (8×7) and physically in “The Gift” (8×11). No, what’s holding him back from belief isn’t lack of knowledge or experience, it’s the nagging guilt that if the paranormal is real then there’s another avenue of help that he failed to use to try and save his son.

Fortunately for him, Reyes is an unlicensed therapist and a pushy one at that. She’s not going to let him get away with lying to himself any longer. And she’s not going to let Mulder get away with ignoring Doggett’s plight.

You would think that since Reyes is a believer she and Mulder would get along. And they kinda do in the end. But the new-agey, spiritual type has always annoyed Mulder as evidenced by his relationship with the late Melissa Scully. Then again, Mulder’s also annoyed by the Doggetts of the world and this particular Doggett is not only stubborn in the face of loose coincidences but this non-believing heretic is in charge of his precious X-Files. Mulder only hears Reyes out in the first place because he thinks she’s going to give him some dirt on Doggett. It takes a lot for Mulder to swallow his pride and learn to tolerate Doggett, but he does this episode. He’s still not sold on him, but he does make overtures of peace.

When you think about it, these two men have experienced similar losses. They both know what it’s like to have a missing loved one and for that loved one to turn out to be dead. If anything, Doggett’s loss as a father is even greater than Mulder’s. Mulder and Doggett have already been established as very, very different men so I think giving them this single point of contact was a good choice. It forces Mulder to recognize Doggett as a man and not just as an interloper. Mulder shows stirrings of empathy after hearing what Doggett’s been through, but the only thing that manages to fully convince him to make an effort to help Doggett is Scully.

Scully is off the playing field this episode by virtue of the football in her tummy. Like in “Via Negativa”, Scully is sidelined by threatening the pregnancy. But whereas in “Via Negativa” that felt like a poor plot device to get her out of the way and one that distracted the audience from the plot at hand, I’m not as mad at it here because it serves a purpose other than just getting Scully out of the way.

Drugged out, bedridden Scully becomes the fount of all wisdom, leading Doggett and Mulder toward each other on the path to peace. Seeing how far Scully’s come in her own beliefs causes Doggett to reevaluate his own fear of believing and Mulder to reevaluate Doggett’s potential. Scully being in the hospital also forces Mulder to shift his focus off of being separated from his precious X-Files.

This is the first time we’ve seen Mulder engaged with Scully’s pregnancy. Between bringing a very personal gift for the baby and holding a vigil at her hospital bedside, he’s no longer the disinterested and distracted Mulder of “Three Words” (8×18). If anything, he resents Reyes bringing him this X-File that takes his attention away from caring for Scully and the baby.

Scully: I feel like I’m stuck in an episode of Mad About You.
Mulder: Well, uh, yeah. But, small technicality: Mad About You was about a married couple and we just work together.

ER Nurse: Who are you? The husband?
Mulder: No.
ER Nurse: Then you wait outside.

Mulder’s being set up to make a choice. He can choose to prioritize the X-Files and keep running and running and running, or he can choose to define his relationship with Scully and focus on protecting her and the baby, on making sure that she doesn’t lose anything else because of this quest of his. That was the choice he was in the middle of making back in “Requiem” (7×22) right before he was abducted, to stop fighting for the X-Files and let Scully have her life back because “there has to be an end.”

It may seem odd to think of Mulder being seriously tempted by the possibility of domestic bliss, but this is the same Mulder who dreamt of dropping out of this conspiracy rat race, settling down and having kids in “The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati” (7×2). Even as far back as “Home” (4×3) he showed signs of longing for the simple life. Perhaps these latent desires are merely bubbling back to the surface.

What will Mulder do? He has until the end of the season and David Duchovny’s contract to tell us. But I’m pretty sure that look of joy and wonder on his face as he feels the baby in Scully’s tummy is what they call “a clue.”


In some ways this is the reunion of Mulder and Scully that “Three Words” couldn’t be because Mulder had to deal with the immediate aftermath of his abduction. Their banter is as golden as ever, maybe better after Mulder’s long absence. Mulder seems to be more at peace with his situation now and even more so by the end of the episode, which is part of the point. All of the episodes from Mulder’s return to the season finale are about fleshing out interpersonal relationships. There’s very little by way of spooks and scares. There isn’t even much conspiracy.

There are rumors about the pizza delivery man and those are worth every second of this episode. However much 1013 may be trying to tease us and milk the “Who’s the Baby Daddy?” plot up to the very last second, “Empedolces” makes it obvious that Mulder and Scully at least believe this baby is theirs, Mulder’s insinuations about the pizza man notwithstanding.

I only have two nitpicks with this episode besides the lackluster X-File and the cheesy 80’s horror movie special effects.

The resolution is more than a bit of a copout. We go straight from “We have to find the connection, Doggett!” to “Don’t worry about finding the connection, Doggett!”. I mean, really. But as I said, this doesn’t exist as a story unto itself so much as it’s a vehicle to set up the characters. There’s a time crunch to phase out Mulder and Scully and establish Doggett and Reyes before the season ends, so these developments don’t happen as gradually and naturally as one might have wished.

The other nitpick is Doggett and Reyes. I like them and I can see that they’re going to be a good team. But in this episode they’re paralleled against the best, skeptic and believer to somewhat reformed skeptic and believer. Doggett and Reyes can’t possibly shine in comparison. Sorry, guys. My screen actually lights up when Mulder and Scully are on it.


Stray Observations:

Scully’s reduced role also allows Reyes to get some needed airtime.

Mulder’s final Elvis joke… I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

The scene where Mulder puts his hand on Scully’s belly reminds me of Scully putting her hand on Mulder’s chest to feel him breathe in “Deadalive” (8×15).

It’s that kid, Jay Underwood, from that Disney movie Not Quite Human and its sequel. He also showed up in Chris Carter’s Millennium.

I also recognize Denise Crosby from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Her second claim to fame is that she’s Bing Crosby’s granddaughter.

That last line of Scully’s, though. That was a little on the nose, dontcha think?

Best Quotes:

Reyes: What if this is a thread of evil… connecting through time, through men, through opportunity, connecting back to you. In India, in Africa, in Iran, in the Middle East, in the Far East, most of the world… they take it as a given. They see evil in death the way other people see God in a rose.
Mulder: I saw Elvis in a potato chip once.


Scully: Mulder?
Mulder: What?
Scully: I was just about to jump in the shower but I was waiting for the pizza man.
Mulder: You got something going on with the pizza man I should know about?
Scully: The pizza man?
Mulder: Well, correct me if I’m wrong but you just said you were waiting for the pizza man to jump in the shower.
Scully: No, what I mean was the pizza man’s usually late, and so… You want to come in?
Mulder: Thank you.


Mulder: You miss your regular pizza man, don’t you?
Scully: [Meekly] Yes.
Mulder: [Feigns devastation]
Scully: [Cheerful now] That’s okay. He’s coming by later.

24 responses to “Empedolces 8×17: The pizza man is not above suspicion.

  1. I feel like Mulder kind of represents the audience because he is being snarky to both Doggett and Reyes, which is how I feel like behaving right now. It almost feels like Doggett and Reyes are exaggerated caricatures of M/S. Doggett is too stubborn and disbelieving and Reyes is a bit too out there to the point where she has visions and sounds a bit like a self-help book on how to open your mind. Right now I feel like she’s a bit too quirky. I’m not sold on them yet. Maybe they’ll be more tolerable when Mulder and Scully’s perfection isn’t occurring in the same episode. I mean…this whole episode was essentially about comparing them. It’s a tad insulting because Mulder and Scully are their own entity that can not be recreated.

    My complaining aside, I’m glad that we finally got some more information on Doggett and his son. I’m also happy that Reyes has a past with Doggett and that she wasn’t just brought in from nowhere. I know we knew that knew each other back when we first met her, but at least it was a significant past. I found it a bit odd that Doggett keeps having his visions/memories while he looks in on Scully sleeping. He’s always having visions around her and I find that a bit odd because I don’t feel like they have THAT strong of a connection. I also still don’t get the impression that Doggett likes Scully in a romantic way, but that may just be me.

    The Mulder and Scully scenes are so sweet and they actually smile and laugh quite a bit together. It’s nice to see that again, even though I dislike how fast Mulder got past what could arguably be the most traumatic experience of his life…even more than Samantha’s abduction.

    The Elvis joke made me laugh out loud. Oh Mulder…

    • Yep. We have to teams now, one on their way out and one on their way in. I think Mulder and Scully needed to get alllll the way out, or at least nearly there, before Doggett and Reyes came in. Ideally, we needed a full season to wrap up Mulder and Scully. But I realize that was impossible by Season 8. In retrospect, it would have had to happen Season 7, but then, they were unsure of whether or not the show would continue.

      All that is to say, I agree with you that Doggett and Reyes pale in comparison. A). They can never have the God-given chemistry that Mulder and Scully have. B). They haven’t had enough time to build what chemistry they will have.

      They look promising, but still.

      As far as Doggett’s romantic intentions, it’s been a while, but I remember Season 9 being the season of various and tawdry triangles. I don’t think Doggett’s feelings were ever that serious, just the confused feelings of a man who wants to take care of a hurting woman.

      Like I said, though. It’s been a while. We’ll see what I see or don’t see this rewatch.

  2. Love the part in this episode where Scully’s smiling face is replaced with Doggett’s sad one. Beautiful transition.

  3. It sounds like I should watch this episode or at least utilize the “scroll forward to their scenes” XF viewing method. After all these years, I had no idea Mulder touched her belly! I caught bits and pieces of the series after DeadAlive when he acted so impersonal (stand offish?) towards her, it hurt so much to watch I avoided any episodes up to that point because I couldn’t stand to see what 1013 was doing to my duo. So, I will give this episode a try in the coming week…

    Oh — and I remember a quote from Robert Patrick that I loved, when asked about Doggett’s relationship with Scully he said, “He knows that she is Mulder’s girl”. I was onboard with T1000 after that 😀

    • Robert Patrick’s a smart man. Seems like a really nice one, too.

      If you’re going to skip, I do highly suggest you skip to this episode. Mulder was only standoffish for “Three Words” and even that’s worth it for his scenes with the Lone Gunmen. This has to be the best Mulder and Scully episode between Mulder’s return and Duchovny’s departure from the series. In fact, their banter here is better than most of what it was in Season 7.

      • O.M.G. Streaming NOW….

        • I see!!! I saw!!! Why oh why was there not more of this exact perfect glorious tummy-touching goodness? I want M/S Mad About Each Other every single day, er, episode!

          Admittedly I scrolled through the majority of the episode but I did see Reyes’ introduction, I liked the nicotine gum intro. That’s really all the non-M/S I remember, then blah blah blah and at 7:01 the GOODNESS BEGINS. Does she not have the cutest “great with our miracle baby” walk? Just blissful pizza-related flirty-homey goodness. When do they walk into their respective apartments and when do they first knock? I’ve never detected a pattern.

          Was this goodness too much to ask? All I wanted was a non-Biblical pregnancy story line that made sense and to see my main couple coupling. (Take that for what you will.) I’m irritated that Mulder is willing to up and leave Scully’s bedside when Reyes calls without a clear “it is the end of the world” imperative. Why am I seeing Doggett performing almost as much Bedside Vigil? I want to see more of Mulder’s anguish-inspired stubble during Scully-baby bedside woe. (X Files math: Scully jeopardy = Mulder stubble length)

          WOW – correct continuity moment when Mulder references his tour in the Violent Crimes unit. *stunned* (Sad this surprises me…) Great scene between Doggett and Mulder, here outside of Scully’s room.

          Seeing Mulder place his hand upon Scully’s belly and the smiles on their faces… over 20 years later and I continue to be putty in their ‘shippy-hands.

          Oh this last scene when he gifts her, is this a Mulder family heirloom, his mother’s childhood doll? Whatever it is she was happy, he was happy and I’m insanely pleased that I finally saw these scenes. These are the moments that make fandom life worth living!

          Ultimately I still wish for a better season 7 that works as a dignified ending….. alas, that didn’t/ain’t gonna happen.

          OK, Salome, when is my next M/S fix??? *leans forward in antici….pation*

          I suddenly feel compelled to search for “Mad About You” on Netflix. OMG how amazing would DD/GA be in a “Mad About You” or “Catastrophe” (<– on Amazon/BBC) type series? THIS MUST HAPPEN.

          • LOL! I don’t hate to say I told you so.

            There are some nice, final moments in “Alone”, but it’s not the greatest episode all together. There’s even a phone ditch.

  4. This episode and “Roadrunners” have always been my favorites out of this season and all the reasons you mentioned above are why! It’s SO good to see M/S in all their glory again – and that scene in the hospital where he places his hand on her stomach is just so glorious I cannot help but smile like an idiot every single time I watch it…

    “The resolution is more than a bit of a copout. We go straight from “We have to find the connection, Doggett!” to “Don’t worry about finding the connection, Doggett!”. I mean, really.” HAHAHA I just rewatched this ep to get a feel for the case again and this is the best! It really is jarring that Reyes is all “You HAVE to see the connection” and then by the end she’s all “eh, maybe it was just to save that kid – go home and stop thinking about it” … ALSO, so the ‘thread of evil’ just ENDS because Katha gets knocked out and then tied down to a hospital bed? There’s no more evil thread to weave?

    I really saw the Monica/Melissa parallel with this episode! I kinda loved her whole “this office could use one person with an open mind” comment to Mulder and then his face in response to it…cracks me up when people think Mulder is the close-minded one.

    • I’m assuming the evil continues in Katha? Once she’s out of restraints, watch out?

      It’s so funny with Mulder. He was the same way in “Mind’s Eye.” He gets a little touchy anytime someone suggests he might be less than open minded.

      “Me? Closed-minded? You don’t know crazy.”

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  12. I agree this was a good episode but it wasn’t the best for the season for me. I can understand from a shipper POV but I’m only partially that 😉

    I liked it because it felt…well rounded? grown up?

    It had great pacing, story and dialogue to go with some more character development I was missing since this episode was seen.

    I was a nice reprieve from what I think was the crazy, bizarro resurrection of Fox Mulder episodes. I just cannot get around them unfortunately and they kind of cheapened the series for me tbh. I know, I know…of all the story lines that I’ve seen since I started watching from ep 1 but there ya go! 🙂

    • I’m sorry but did you just say you’re “only partially” a shipper? This is the biggest bombshell for me, even after having just watched the episode… 😉

  13. Who else was hoping the Mulder family doll was the one from Chinga?

  14. I really like the teaser for this episode. It’s really creepy, and does the job of making you want to stay tuned to see where it goes. However, the main x file in this episode gets sidelined for character development. The scenes with Mulder and Scully, while nice, feel soap opera like. Again the writer has done a “Via Negtativa” on us and has Scully in the hospital with pregnancy problems. But at least this time we have some lines from her. One I particularly liked was when she admitted she was afraid to believe, which harkens back to “Beyond the Sea”.

    The episode is a bit crowed with four leads, but I think its pulled off just about. It was interesting to learn more on the backstory of Doggett’s son. Though I think the episode is anti-climatic in terms of resolving the x file in this episode.

    Enough of the letting everyone know you’re quitting smoking Monica. What is the point of that plot thread? Probably an early set-up which Chris Carter thinks will pay off in “My Struggle II”.


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