The #XFRewatch3 Drinking Game

Finally, the heavens have opened and the way to enjoy “3” is clear. The path is before me. It is before us all.

The Review is Out There


Please note: Knife Ink, The X-Files, Twitter, or anybody associated with this Rewatch do not condone the consumption of alcohol, particularly if for whatever reason you are not allowed. Think of this post as a suggestion, a guide, if you will, something to hold your hand whilst you writhe in pain. 

On most rewatches, I skip Season 2, Episode 7: “3” because it’s a piece of crap. But the faithful Philes over at X-Files News, like the troopers they are, have insisted that we watch every episode. The trouble is, how does one sit through this abomination without bashing oneself in the head with a hammer?

I’ve only seen this episode once, and it was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had. It’s an uncomfortable blotch on the otherwise fairly clean canvas that is The X-Files. It’s worse than “Space,” even. “Space” was stupid and boring. “3”…

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6 responses to “The #XFRewatch3 Drinking Game

  1. I want to do this right now but I shouldn’t because it’s 10:30 pm and I have to work tomorrow ughh LIFE

  2. I’m doing it, starting now.

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