Consider this blog one giant plea for XF3 a shameless exercise in uninhibited adoration and unsolicited opinion.

If you’d like to consider it further, it’s also an attempt to finally put down some concrete thoughts that have been whirling in my mind for 14 years about the best show that ever there was. The X-Files is even better the second, third, fourth and fifth time around than it was on its initial run.

With that said, I have a few lofty goals in mind:

  • To find things in The X-Files I’ve never found before, see what I’ve never seen, and hopefully find more to enjoy than I ever have.
  • To inspire others to rewatch the show with fresh eyes.
  • To encourage new fans to start watching.
  • To invite discussion between X-Philes!

Here’s to loving episodes we used to hate and loving episodes we used to love even more. Cheers!



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  1. keep writing your reviews!
    i love them, your insight is great and your wit could rival both Mulder and Scully’s!

    • You’re so sweet! Thank you! Life has forced me to take a short hiatus but I have two reviews almost finished that I hope to have up by the end of the week. 🙂

  2. Hell yeah i agree with the above statement. Most of your reviews are really good, your questions about the episodes are well judged (even if sometimes there is too many “I think.. I feel”), but the rest is very , very good !

  3. Rob Shearman

    This is utterly brilliant, and endlessly insightful. I can’t wait to see what you make of those later, ‘difficult’ seasons – about which so little have really been written. Your reviews are good enough to make me go and watch the whole thing again – and I’ve only recently finished…!

  4. NeonShadowfax

    I really enjoy your site! Thanks for sharing your reviews. They’re good and logical, without being overly nitpicky. I needed something to remind myself again about how much I love the X-Files, especially watching Seasons 8 and 9. *cough* I think I shall have to watch these again very soon!

  5. george fowler

    im just curious, are you gonna do all nine seasons plus the movies or are you only gonna go as far as Requiem? I hope not, because while the Scully/Doggett/Reyes seasons are a little weaker; i recently watched the final two seasons and i realised there are quite few gems in the rough and there is some very good character exploration…. So yeah i hope you carry it through too I Want to Believe 🙂

    • But of course! I’m too OCD not to cover the whole shebang.

      Seriously, though, they may not be my overall favorites but I’m not a Season 8/9 hater. 🙂

  6. Just came across your site after googling “Is anyone still obsessed with x-files in 2011?” (Of course I knew the answer was yes!) I’m coming off of a recent re-watching frenzy and getting just as wrapped up as a I was 10 and 15 years ago. So glad to see this site going strong – can’t find much else written about the show since 2008, and many of the original sites are long dead. Thanks for your continued obsessing – and for reminding me I’m not alone!

    • “Just came across your site after googling ‘Is anyone still obsessed with x-files in 2011?'”

      That’s the best thing I’ve heard since Easter. So glad you found the site!! This started when, like you, I went on a rewatch frenzy that was too good for me to let it end. I hope you make yourself at home! 😀

  7. Haha, glad you enjoyed that. I found myself feeling very nostalgic remembering how I took to forums and message boards as a teenager to discuss my favorite show – and I had to know there are people still out there doing it!

  8. I lovelovelovelovelove your website. I recently decided to relive the epicness of the X Files with my 3 younger teen brothers as they’ve never watched it before (we’re currently on season 2). I think its safe to say they’re officially obsessed with the show. As well as me of course. 🙂

    When the show was airing I was pretty young at the time but still managed to remember some scary episodes that I watched with my aunt *cough* Squeeze*cough*. Not to mention the opening credits that made go behind the couch. lol My bf insists that I watch it because “its the bloody best show to ever grace our tv screens”. And he’s right. I’m so impressed by the show in all aspects. The writing, directing,acting, everything! We owe it all to Chris Carter. You just can’t get shows like this anymore.

    Your reviews are hilarious without going overboard and incredibly insightful! Every time I read a review of an episode, it always makes me want to go and watch it again and see the things I never noticed until I read your review. I honestly thought I was the only one that was still watching X Files and crazy over it. Thank God I found your site. Keep up the great work!

    And I’m still praying for XF3.

    • I lovelovelovelovelove getting feedback!! Thanks, Nadine!!!

      Fear not, there’s a whole legion of nerds out there still unnaturally obsessed with The X-Files, so you’re in good company! We have to hold on to what we’ve got since, like you said, we can’t get shows like this anymore. ::tear::

      And while there’s no new word on XF3, things like this give us hope: http://www.ibginc.org/specialseries

  9. Hello,
    An Old X Phile here, just found your website and felt like having a little ramble! Well, I went through a ”grieving” stage, what with Series 8 (pushing it, but at least there was Mulder in the second half) & series 9 (especially) being so far removed from what I loved about the show, I don’t really count series 9! (oh and I hated the second X Files film; I should have known, having seen series 9 all those years earlier…!)

    Anyway, well, it’s nice to look back and re-watch/discover the series from the beginning and thinking/dwelling on Series 1, that really was a classic series throughout (only ‘Space’ has never quite worked for me, but it has its moments, just doesn’t quite gell as well as the rest of the series!)

    Well, I was only 11yrs and over 4 months old when I first saw series 1; in fact, because we went to bed early, I actually missed a few episodes before mum finally let me watch it, starting at Conduit. Famously, she said to me ”I think your going to love this” and well, I did of course!

    I was already a bit of a sci fi/fantasy fan; I loved The Chronicles of Narnia (1980’s/90’s, BBC1) and later, Eerie Indiana; I missed that when it ended after its short run (on Channel 4) and it was while I hoped that Eerie would return, (and endlessly searched TV listings), that I fell for The X Files in September 1994 (that’s when it first aired in the UK, on BBC2 on Thursday’s at 9.30pm, if memory serves, I think.)

    So, I remember watching it and being hooked that first time; and when series 1 ended, I think I was quite happy, (actually, if it hadn’t returned, it would still have been a big influence, always a classic); but of course, I was very happy when I realized it would return. And so years went by, series after series, occasional spoiler after spoiler (flicking through sci-fi magazines for new photos in the days before I could use the Internet for more than half an hour in my secondary school lunch break!) and later, I probably spoiled the viewing a bit more when I finally got longer internet access; it was so slow in those days that I recall waiting ages and ages for just a ten minute clip of the beginning of series 6 to play (which was yet to air in the UK!)

    Well, I have many great memories; I’m a Shipper too, so every slight sleeve grasp or tender look or peck on the cheek was enough; hugs were bliss!

    It’s lovely to look back and recall those moments, & much more; the joy of watching each episode for the first time; and all those great things outside the show; the numerous photoshoots (I have a vast collection of photos, magazines, calenders, etc), like the magazines I collected that featured comic strips; and various bits of merchandise and the great fun that was the first X Files film; being in Spain prior to it arriving in the Uk, and hearing the advert for it with the Spanish accent dubbed over it, as they run through the corn fields…. ”Mulderessss”, ”Sculleeee”; and the title in Spanish was pro-nounced something like ”Ex-ped-ien-tee Ec-eeesss”!!

    Anyway, I think I’ll end there for now!
    I’ve enjoyed browsing your website so far and I’ll be back every now and again!

    All done,
    Bye bye,
    Jess Fox

    • Hey, Jess! Thanks for stopping by!! I’m so jealous of you Philes who got to watch from the beginning. I didn’t start until reruns started on FX the summer before Season 5. There’s nothing like having your first impression of when something first aired to compare to. Still, like you said, there’s the joy of remembering when you saw an episode for the first time, rerun or not, and I love being able to have an intelligent conversation with my former self. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t. ;o)

      Thanks for sharing all those great memories!

      • Just found your site today…where have you gone to?? I’d love for you continue your reviews, as I find them very insightful and right on point with my own viewpoints.

        Just had to reply here that I had the EXACT SAME introduction to X-Files all those years ago…summer reruns on FX, right before season 5. I was just about to enter my freshman year of hs, and my very first episode was “Squeeze”. Changed my entire life! Now embarking to rewatching the entire series for the first time since I just discovered it is on Netflix. Amazing show, still after all these years.

        Still completely disappointed in how it all wound up, though. Maybe they’ll finally get XF3 off the ground and wash out the bad-leftovers taste that the last few seasons and second movie have left me with. So sad! I’d love to read your reviews on such things, hopefully this isn’t a project you’ve given up on!

  10. Hello Salome,
    Thanks for your reply; I’ve been having a bit of an X Files reminiscence these past couple of days. I have this storage unit in my room, a nice oldish (?) wooden thing, about my height (5,4+) with nice features, painted purple years ago and it’s top door has a window with slight frostiness about it, nice design, then two smallish (a4+) size drawers then 2 doors/units; and well, behind all of this lies a lot of my X Files collection, with a fair bit spilled over into the bookshelf next door and a few other drawers here and there.

    I have so many magazines and every little cutting I loved to lovingly cut out and ”file” away in their own ”files,” some not so orderly stored of course! But I have to get rid of some of this, namely pages and pages of poor quality print outs (heavy pixelation, etc) on plain A4 paper, photos from the internet, orginally in colour from time spent using my Secondary school printer access to print off various images (but my school only had Black & White printers!); I need to get rid.

    I have plenty, so many colour images/great quality stuff, so of course I’m not chucking any magazines/posters etc etc away, no way, but I’m going through a point where I need to let go of some stuff, not just old print outs but other crap in my room too! I need to do a proper sort out, clear the clutter!

    I suppose I’m in a funny sort of mood; but it has been fun revisiting that time in my life, and yes I have many more memories where those above came from. I even created a website in the late 90’s on my school’s ”intranet”, based on Episode guides and excitement about series 6! Plus a section leading to my favourite music/song lyrics, so it was varied, not just about the X Files!

    I can ramble a lot, so I’ll end with a great memory;
    a while after the 9th series ended, Gillian Anderson, you may well know, if you followed David/Gillian’s careers afterwards, appeared in a West End play at the Comedy Theatre, What the Night is For. I went to see it on my own, got a decent priced ticket I think and it was great (I really should go to the theatre more often!)

    Anyway, afterwards, I wondered if I’d be able to see Gillian at the stage door and I went round and there was already a crowd and there was no formal order, just this crowd so unintentionally I kind of moved quite quickly through to near the front of what ever kind of queue that was supposed to be.

    So, I waited, and I watched fans ahead of me with all sorts of photos/programmes, and eventually it was my turn and I just told her I thought the play was really funny and she said thank you, with a slight look of surprise, at my mini praise. I just beamed and I think I must have said thanks too (I think she said something else too but I can’t think what right now, it was years ago!) And also, I never got a photo of Gillian at the back of the theatre, I didn’t have a film camera to hand then nor a digital one at home, it was all a bit of a rush to see if I could get a cheap seat!
    But I have the memory of course!

    Well, then I just stayed near by and watched loads of fans get things signed and I chatted to this friendly german girl, of course another excited fan, and I recall we chatted a lot and shared that moment and when Gillian left, we wondered off towards catching buses and such like; I did write her email down or something but I think I misplaced it later and didn’t see her again.

    It was lovely for a little while to see Gillian back then; another great meeting/signing I went to was back in 2008; I heard that Moby was going to do a little DJ set a Phonica Records, Soho, and I decided I’d go down and again, I had a lovely time, took loads of photos and then there was a signing afterwards and I got his signature and a drawing on his album cover! It was lovely; I love Moby’s music so much, and it’s actually thanks to the X Files/Gillian’s episode ‘All Things’, & ‘Closure’, that I actually discovered Moby properly. I had heard his music around that time but it wasn’t until those episodes and looking up the music and then listening to the album in a local shop that I finally got it and I have been a big fan of Moby’s ever since. And I’m a Vegan too!

    Well, there I go rambling again,
    Well, thanks again,
    All done,
    Bye bye,

    • I’ll bet it was a blast to meet her!! I wish I could have been in LA this weekend to see both her, DD and CC at the IBG event. Thankfully, there’s a DVD.

  11. What a joy to stumble upon your blog just as I am rewatching the entire series – from start to finish. I love to read your reviews and would be completely honoured if you would consider a guest post of mine sometime. I also hope that I don’t catch up to you, as I’m really enjoying reading your reviews after I watch each episode 🙂

  12. Hi! Great blog!
    Here’s from an X-Phile from the Philippines. 🙂

  13. I’m so happy I found this site!

  14. Salome, you’ve gone deathly quiet!
    I really wanna see your take on season five so hurry up and get back on it!

    • I know! My sincerest apologies. I was running around Asia like a chicken with her head cut off. :o) I thought I’d have a chance to update, but in the end my body clock wouldn’t allow it. I’m back now, though, and about 75% recovered which calls for a serious X-Files marathon.

  15. Just wanted to say your site is great. While I grew up with the X-Files (was 11 when it started) I never paid to much attention to it. Now that I am 28 I am watching through the series for the 1st time. I am now in the 4th season and love reading yours and others view on things. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this 🙂

    • Thanks, Brad!! That’s much appreciated. I’m glad to know I’m not just talking to myself with these reviews. 😉

      I hope you share your thoughts as you go along!

  16. Thanks for the nice welcome, and I will. I do dissagree with some of what you and others like but I think thats what is great about the show; different episodes appeal to different people……granted ghost in the machine was still all around a pretty poor episode 🙂

  17. Wow… i am not quite sure how i stumbled upon this page, but i am super glad i did!

    i was quite an X-Files fan through high school when the series originally aired (did anyone else here attend the X-Files Expo?). i probably caught onto the X-Files towards the end of Season 3 and watched religiously though Season 6 (escaping up to my parents’ bedroom sunday nights from 9pm-10pm to get away from the standard commotion of my house and have my own personal nerd time 🙂 ). But then i went off to college and kind of lost touch with the series – i thought the show took a significant down-turn when they relocated to LA for shooting and DD & GA became ‘superstars’.

    of course, through the years since, i *think* i’ve caught almost all of Seasons 1 thru 3, and several of the Season 7-9 episodes. But recently i was extremely excited to find the X-Files available through Netflix, so i decided i would do a complete re-watch starting at ‘Pilot’, all the way through ‘The Truth’. and i think i may share a similar “OCD” as the author of this page, as i decided i would take a few moments after watching each episode and jot down a quick plot summary, episode type, and my initial thoughts & reactions to the episode. i decided to write these thoughts out by hand, and after just having finished Season 2, have over two dozen hand-printed pages in tiny tiny script… and yet i am not quite satisfied with my summaries – i have been going through this re-watch alone, and have not been able to discuss the episodes with anyone who is interested, like i did back in the day.

    so i decided i’d take a little stroll though the www and browse through some episode reviews to get some other viewpoints. at first i was a bit disappointed, most online episode guides are simple plot summaries… but then i stumbled upon this little gem of a site! i have only gone through maybe a half dozen of your episode reviews and i am super-impressed by the thought you’ve put into your reviews, and i really enjoy your writing style. my perspective is typically more on the ‘science’ side of the show, so i also appreciate your insight into M&S relationship (just learned this whole ‘shipper term, ;)) which i didnt appreciate fully the first time i watched the show.

    so, anyway, my apologies for an over-lengthy note, but i just wanted to say hi and thank you! i am starting up on season 3 now, and i hope to be a contributer to your reviews going forward!

    • I have to say, I’m just dying to get a peek at that notebook. 😉

      I’m glad you stumbled on our happy hunting ground too! As you can see, fan perspectives run the gamut here so I bet you’ll enjoy comparing reactions. For every typical response an atypical one rears it’s head, but that’s why we’re having so much fun! Thanks for all the kind words, I can’t wait to see you join in!

  18. Great site! And thanks for posting on ours! I just started rewatching the Files so I will be back on a regular basis to read what you thought of each ep as I get to it.

  19. Hi! I found you only a couple of days ago via a link on Twitter. Can I say how delighted I am that you decided to take on this mammoth task ( a labour of love I’m sure). I’m kicking myself for not having stumbled on this site before because I love analyses and reviews of XFiles eps-but now I’m rather late for the party! I’ve started reading and am trying to catch up but please don’t stop. You still have newbies like me jumping on board belatedly- better late than never, hey? I’m an obsessive XFiles Shipper from the UK who only discovered Philedom in 2008 ; however I’ve still managed to watch the entire nine seasons three times over despite the late start. I prefer Seasons 1 to 5; 6 is not too bad, but not a favourite of mine; 7 has too many comedy eps and 8-9…the only ones I can be bothered to watch are the ones David D is in! IMHO Mulder is the XFiles and without him it was a pale shadow of it’s former self ;-(. Keep up the excellent work & if I have something to contribute you might see me join in on the discussions while I’m catching up!

    • Fresh Bones! I love it! Glad to see social networking actually networks. LOL 2008 you say? Am I correct to assume IWTB brought you into the XF family?

      Please do jump in with your comments at any stop along the way. You’re not late, you’re fashionably timed. After all, we haven’t even discussed A.D. (After David) yet.

  20. Kinda, sorta IWTB inspired. Although… I’d been thinking of exploring Philedom for a short while before I heard about a new film coming out. But I do admit that hearing about the film motivated me to get the DVDs and start catching up. You see, I got into the XF via fanfic and that’s where I first got to meet the characters. So there I was, reading fanfic at work ;-o (I didn’t have the internet at home back then) with only a patchwork idea (with bits missing!) of the overall plot amd characters. Pretty funny when I look back on it now! Then the fickle finger of fate intervened… I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer following a routine mammogram in June 2008. I was told I needed a lumpectomy, which necessitated taking a couple of months off work to recuperate. To pass the time I began watching Season 1 on DVD and continued on with later Seasons while I was off work in October 08 having follow-up radiotherapy sessions. I have to thank the X Files for getting me over a really bad patch and needless to say once I had watched Seasons 1 & 2, I was in love with David Duchovny’s character and totally hooked! I had to get all the rest and watch it all 😉 Disappointingly, none of my local movie theatres showed IWTB, so I had to grimly wait until the DVD went on sale in the UK, which wasn’t until early Dec 08. I’d caught up on the series completely by that time so I was able to appreciate the nuances of the film. Not having all the hang-ups/expectations of long-term Philes probably was a bit of an advantage. I took it all at face value and kinda enjoyed it. I’m a total unreconstructed MSR Shipper and my sole gripe was that there was too little M&S scren time together. I mean, come on Chris – torturing us all like that by pretending at the beginning that they might, just might not be living together as a “proper couple “and that dreadful DD beard ;-8 FGS!! I should just say as a bit of background info, that I am a veteran “shipper” and have been one, well before the term was originally coined. Being in my 50’s now I can say I’ve shipped a lot of TV couples over the decades, but none has had the effect of keeping my interest for quite so long and so deeply as has happened with XF. Guess you’d say although the Good Ship “X-Files “sailed into the sunset many years ago, I’m still on board, swigging the rum and dancing the hornpipe on deck. The greatest irony of all, is that I refused to watch the series when it first aired on the BBC back in the 90s (but that’s a whole different story which I won’t bore you with now!). Great reviews – keep up the excellent work 😉

    • Guess you’d say although the Good Ship “X-Files “sailed into the sunset many years ago, I’m still on board, swigging the rum and dancing the hornpipe on deck. – This is priceless.

      Although I truly hate to hear that you had to experience such a frightening ordeal, why does it not surprise me that The X-Files helped you through it? “A merry heart doeth good like medicine” after all. But I sincerely pray all that’s behind you. Oh, and that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of a fanfic conversion! You must’ve read some good ones!

      I was of the mind of you and Mulder for IWTB, I wanted the team back! But my full thoughts on that remain to be unleashed.

      • Ha yes indeed!
        Proverbs17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones”. Very true! I am by nature a glass-half-full kind of person and I bounce back from crises pretty quickly, but XF gave me something extra to wrap myself up in – the characters almost became friends if you understand me. Yes, I am OK now- thanks for your kind comments. Had my third “all-clear” check-up last August & I get mammo’d annually (all on the good ol’ NHS so it costs me nothing!). Re the fanfic; I probably read all the so-called “classics” first(got my initial recs from various XF fan sites!) but I’ve also read a lot of rubbish too ;)). Gossamer is a goldmine if you know what fanfic story you’re looking for, but “Here Be Monsters” so I’d say- beware the unwary reader!

        • YES! I love that verse! And it’s the one that most often comes to mind when I nostalgically think about watching The X-Files during my teen years. Anything good that keeps peoples’ minds off themselves for a little while is a blessing from God in my opinion. Used in moderation, of course. 😉

          So glad to hear the crisis has passed!

  21. Hi! I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this site. I look forward to reading your reviews, both old and new. Our fandom is small but mighty.

    Like Nailseabelle24, I was a fanfic convert. My first online fandom was Stargate SG-1. I lurked for years on Live Journal, reading fanfic. I was and am a huge fan of Cofax7. Because I love apocafic, I gave her big multi-author TXF saga, “Life During Wartime,” a try and got hooked. I started watching the series late at night on TNT and during the daytime on Scifi Channel. Then the slimsets were released, I got to watch the show in the correct episode order, got an idea for a story of my own and joined Live Journal. I’ve been moderating a fanfiction discussion community there for four years now.

    It’s exciting to find other fans of this show I love so much.

    • Welcome and thanks!! I had no idea fanfic had become such a draw. Just goes to show what a strong source of entertainment it’s become in its own right. That saga must’ve been good. 😉

    • Wendelah (bows humbly) I am not worthy! ;-)) I have been a reader of your Live Journal website for at least a couple of years and seen/ admired your comments on XF Bookclub where I also lurk! So glad to see you on here where I’m sure you will have lots of interesting contributions to make if your other stuff is anything to go by – hi to a fellow fanfic convert!

  22. I found this site yesterday after seeing a post by you, Salome, on the XFU site, directing me here. Needless to say my weekend is shot!! Ha! Your reviews are beautifully written, not to mention spot on (I think), and it’s obvious you have some intelligent commenters on here as well. I love analyzing and digging deep into the X Files. This show will NEVER get old!

    • Yep, the commenters are the best because they’re all X-Philes. And we all know X-Philes are the best. ^_-

      I’m glad you came over, Amy! Please stay a while!

  23. I’ve commented a couple of times since stumbling onto your blog, out of sheer desperation to share some thoughts during my intensely fast-paced re-watch, but I thought a more formal introduction (and some kudos) might be in order before I start going back and taking a bit more time to contemplate and comment!

    Before I introduce myself, though, I have to say “thank you” for creating such a great reference for those of us coming back to the ‘Files long after the show has ceased to dominate the internets. I have some friends and family who ‘get it’, but unless they happen to be re-watching on pace with you, there’s rarely an occasion to discuss an episode in detail on the fly. And I think we all understand that there are things here that MUST be discussed.

    I was 16 when I saw my first episode, “Eve”, during its original airing. There couldn’t have been a better introduction, especially for a fan of horror movies. The creepy kid factor was all it took to get me hooked and I managed to stay largely faithful, even through my first couple of years of college. I fell off the wagon somewhere around season 8, more because “life” started getting in the way than because of the lack-of-Mulder issue that seems to have driven a lot of people out of the fold. Though I was always appreciative of the excitement/angst generated by the various mytharcs, MOTW episodes were always my favourites, and I love nothing better than when the X-Files gets funny (both weird and hah-hah). I also remember strolling the decks of the ‘Ship as a teen – and I am just now starting to realize how much it may have influenced the way I’ve perceived and approached relationships as an adult.

    Somehow, in the years since Season 8, I diligently and miraculously managed to avoid exposure to all things X-Files, knowing that I’d re-watch it sequentially one day, and not wanting ruin it by catching later episodes out of order. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to stop once I started, and that I wouldn’t be able to avoid starting if I got my hands on Season 1, I waited for ages until I got an incredible price on the full series of DVDs…this year, on Boxing Day. I started my re-watch on January 1, and finished it off with IWTB on February 1. I’m fairly certain it’s a symptom of some sort of mental issue that I essentially put the rest of my life on hold (except work) to finish that quickly, but I *hope* other Philes can understand the madness.

    Now that I’ve finished the sequential approach, I feel much more capable of slowing it down, being selective in my episode choices and really putting some thought into them. I’m not sure I can accurately express how excited I am to come back to this series almost 20 years after I first found it and really look at how much it, and I, have changed over the years – to see how my relationships, education (BA in English Lit, with minors in Psychology and Religious Studies) and life experiences may have altered the way I approach what could arguably be considered THE influential piece of media in my formative years – well, that and Bad Religion’s “Recipe for Hate”, but that’s a different story altogether.

    Thanks again for creating a great forum for discussion, and I look forward to reading the rest of your reviews!


    • And I think we all understand that there are things here that MUST be discussed.

      That’s how this all started in the first place. I had just finished a rewatch (though not a complete one) and I had. to. get. it. out. X-Phile feelings cannot be suppressed!

      I’m fairly certain it’s a symptom of some sort of mental issue

      If you find out the name of this disorder, let me know. I’m afraid I have similar symptoms.

      I love what you contributed to Milagro and I can’t wait to hear what else you have to say, Brandi! 🙂

      • Foxhunt gildave

        Salome, where are you? I’m worried. Did we do something wrong? Too many disagreeable comments? We really miss you insight. Please come back and finish reviewing. I can’t wait ito read the rest of your opinions on S7 and IWTB.

  24. Salome, please come back soon… Now I am starting to worry. We miss your insight, and I am just getting to season seven of my re-watch!

  25. I discovered your site a few days ago, and I am so happy I did. If you’re curious, I stumbled across it when I was googling to find people’s opinions on who was thinking about who in “the End”. (Boy was it brilliant to find not only a discussion of this, but some good venting about Fowley too..!)

    You haven’t updated this site in a few months, I hope you come back (and that nothings wrong in your own life). Or did Chris Carter’s worst fears come true and the world did end for your amazing reviews shortly after Millennium..?!

    Since people are sharing how there X-obsessions came to be, I will too: I’m actually in the process of watching it for the first time. I was 6 years old when the X-files started, and watched bits and pieces of it growing up. I have vague memories of loving (but not really understanding) episodes when I was a kid (Post-Modern Prometheus is the only specific one I can remember having watched before, it stuck in my memory because it was so amazingly weird and pseudo-Cher appeared!), and when I was old enough to get to choose the channel I started watching the X-files semi-regularly, but that was in late season 8 or season 9, and I remember feeling disappointed (and very confused) and never thought much about the X-files again.

    …Until one night a few months ago when for no apparent reason I was thinking about how adorable Mulder and Scully were. I watched some clips on youtube, I stumbled across the scene on the rock from Quagmire and the final scene from Never Again and realised that these scenes weren’t just cute but adorable and wonderfully understated and brooding and intriguing. I was hooked, and downloaded every episode and have just finished FTF. The shipiness lured me in but I’ve fallen in love (/occasional passionate annoyance) with everything else about it, too.

    I wish I discovered your reviews earlier, and can’t wait to read through them all!

    • “If you’re curious, I stumbled across it when I was googling to find people’s opinions on who was thinking about who in “the End”.”

      There are other people who google things like that! My heart is so entertained!

      Thanks for reading!

  26. I keep checking back here, but still nothing. I hope you are ok, Salome, and can come at least check in with us soon. I no more discovered this site and was so excited about it and then it went stagnant. 😦 Life happens, I know, but you are missed!

  27. Hey! I just discovered your site and I’ve really enjoyed your thoughts on the episodes. They’re always funny, thoughtful and articulate perfectly why an ep works well or doesn’t. I’ve just been rewatching old favourites while I work, but your blog might well have persuaded me to go right back to the beginning and do a full rewatch – or in fact, ‘watch’.

    I was too young to really watch the show when it started so I only got into it properly about series 6. There was such a lot of history and mythology in the previous seasons, going back and rewatching all of them felt kinda daunting so I never really have. But you make it sound so good….

    Anyway, I hope you return to your updates and soon, there’s some season 7 eps I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on. And I’d love to know what you thought of I Want To Believe.

    Thank you!

    • I’m curious to hear what I think about IWTB too. The thing about rewatching is I find I like some things more than I thought I did and others less.

      Thanks awfully for the compliment!

  28. Late to the party, but a recent fan for life:-) Im hoping for XF3 soon just to resolve the terrible second movie and bring back the real Scully. I know she’s serious, but does she really need to cry the whole movie ?? Scully and Mulder spent to much time apart, and when they were together they were fighting. In my opinion bad writing and Amanda Peet was terrible.. I love your analysis and hope you take it all the way:-)

  29. Just rediscovered this site and gotta say I’m addicted to your reviews! They definitely have me thinking and seeing things in a new light. Time for a re-watch thanks to you. I must give a poke for more season 7 reviews 🙂

  30. Hello! Like a couple of commenters before me, I’m actually a newbie ‘Phile, but am already deeply obsessed. I’m on season 6 and am loving watching each episode and then reading your recaps! I don’t always agree with you on everything, but that’s part of what makes it fun. I tend to share whole-heartedly your enthusiasm for all the lovely shippy episodes, though, because I absolutely love MSR – I often say I shipped it before I even saw the show, which was partly because of cultural references but mostly because it’s exactly the type of relationship I love to see on TV but is so rarely pulled off properly. UST and deep, transcendent platonic bonds are my FAVORITE.

    Anyway, I could ramble on forever, but I just wanted to stop by and let you know, if you ever still look at this, that I very much appreciate this blog and what you’ve done on it. I will keep hoping for both your return and XF3!!

  31. I love your reviews! Here’s another vote for more Season 7 analysis! 🙂

  32. You NEED to get back to doing reviews! I loved XF in middle school (circa late 90s – like ridic loved it), and haven’t watched it since. I got a Roku and started a rewatch about two months ago and I just finished Season 4. If I get to Rush, and I you haven’t reviewed any more eps I am going to feel very sad :(. I feel like reading your reviews after watching is like talking about the eps with a friend. Problem is, I don’t HAVE any of those in my adult life. You wouldn’t believe how often I literally LOL reading what you wrote. Please don’t take that away from me!!! Consider that my plea for more!

    • *sheepishly pokes head in door*

      Did I leave you to watch the rest of the series without a friend? I’m sorry! If you’re planning yet another rewatch before the new season airs, we’re back on!

  33. Come back!

    At least let us know what’s up!… someone!

  34. I started watching TXF this summers a casual fling, but I’m nearly finished with Season 3 now and am completely hooked. Your magnum opus of a blog is such a great way for me to communicate with fellow X-Philes across time and space! Your words are as eloquent (though let’s be honest, more germane) than an outro case report, and I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the fandom though I’m watching two decades past the pilot’s premiere date.

    Thanks so much, and I hope you come back! I want to believe!

  35. Salome,
    what´s up? I love your work and have always enjoyed reading it.
    You have to come back to us. Remember: no famous thinker of our ago leaves his unfinished work behind without appointing at least one dignified successor 😉 …but please finish your work or give us a life sign. Sometimes life changes, interests that once were change, and viewpoints vary but being an x-phile is for good :-). Many fans start to rewatch or discover this series for the first time.
    Please do not leave us alone.

    • There’s no end to being an X-Phile indeed! Which is why I’m still here… and very, exceedingly tardy. For which I apologize, but I also thank you for reading!!

  36. Folks- does anyone know what has happened to Salome? I don’t think that she’s posted to this blog in over a year.

    Hoping she’s okay.

  37. Foxhunt gildave

    I also hope she is okay, if anyone out there knows her personally, please let us know how she is doing. Thanks.

  38. Yeah, I´m a little bit worried about her…

  39. It does seem out of character (without knowing her, of course!) for Salome to stop writing. Hoping she is okay and that she writes more in the future! In the meantime, we have lots of lovely write-ups to peruse again…

  40. You’re absolutely brilliant.
    Are you going to continue writing these reviews? They’re incredible. Some of the best I’ve ever seen.

  41. I started watching this show the first time through two weeks ago. It’s nice finding this site, going through the reviews as I watch the episodes. Not sure what I’ll do when I get to seasons 8 and 9.

    • I’m not sure what I’ll do either since I don’t want to complain too hard…

      But if you’re still watching, or planning to watch again, hopefully you’ll have new comments to read!

  42. I just started watching season 7 again and came across “Je souhaite”. Well, je souhaite that you continue with your reviews, I really do. I’m kind of lost without them. Please return to us, I’m beggin’ you!

  43. I know it’s very possible you’ve moved on from Philedom and may not check these blog messages for years, or at all, but in case… your writing is insightful, fluid and a joy to read. Combine it with the subject matter at hand, and it sometimes brings tears to my eyes. I still remember when that first scene of that first episode appeared on our 90’s boxy television all those years ago.
    Thank you.

    • I hope she comes back. She’s a fantastic reviewer.

    • I can’t move on from Philedom. Objective viewers will judge if they must, but The X-Files is a part of me.

      In any case, I’m checking these messages right now and they’re a joy to me. So joy all around.

      *Cue Scully singing Joy to the World*

  44. Maybe here disappearance is a nod to the date of colonization from the show (though going by the exact date she did have a few more months to continue posting reviews). I mean, she is a member of the Syndicate and all.

    Anyways, best wishes to Salome – I hope she’s okay and, along with everyone above, would love it if she resumed the reviews.

  45. I love your reviews! I understand that life gets in the way, but I just want to let you know that if you ever pick it up again you still have an audience. Thanks for the great insights and I hope you’re well 🙂

  46. I think she’s still updating her Amazon wish list, so the worst hasn’t happened, at least.

  47. Check out the X-Files novel, “The Truth Revealed,” on Wattpad.com. It’s good enough to be the XF3.

  48. Salome, you HAVE to come back. There’s a potential X-Files reboot in the works and I’m kinda freaking out about it. I need your support!

  49. I really, really hope that Salome comes back at some point. Her reviews are superb. It would be great to share the excitement of the revival series with her.

  50. I hope she does too, the reviews are brilliant, on the Facebook page for Musings she posted a comment back in April of this year hinting she was coming back but nothing since. Please come back!!

  51. Where the fuck did you go??? This was such a good blog!!

  52. Hello!
    I am the head of PR for Gillian’s new movie SOLD and I want to get in touch with you about a collaboration. Please Contact me ASAP.

  53. Dear Salome, I would like to discuss an opportunity to become a Yahoo TV Blogger, blogging about X-Files and any other show you would like to post about! If this interests you, please email me at veritynelson@yahoo-inc.com! Thanks, Verity!

  54. Salome: have a wicked Merry Christmas and New Year, ayuh!!!!

  55. This blog is brilliant! I first discovered it this morning after watching Redux on Chiller & doing a random Google search to try & find out why Scully has a red patch of skin on the left side of her face. I did not find an answer, but I came across the blog which then resulted in my purchasing a Hulu account just to go back & watch all the episodes I want. You write the way I wish I could, funny, insightful, randomly quoting from Reba M. I’m so glad I found this. Kudos to you!

    • Thank you!!! We don’t just do Reba. I’m pretty sure Dolly’s around here somewhere too. If not, she will be.

      And by the by, if you’re thinking of what I’m thinking of, Scully’s beat up from being knocked down the stairwell in “Gethsemene”.

  56. Awesome reviews, I love them. Also been an X-Phile for some 17 years. Especially appreciate your theological eye.

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