Who are you?

You’ll know when I know.

No, really. Who are you?

I’m just a fangirl, standing in front of an internet, asking it to love her.

Where are you?

You want my address? It’s T-O-A-S-T.

Are you going to review the whole series?

The whole series including the movies.

Even Seasons 8 and 9?

Yes, even Seasons 8 and 9.


Because I’m self-diagnosed with a mild case of OCD – I can’t stop in the middle.

Do you write all your own reviews?

Yes, except the ones I don’t – They’re conveniently marked “Guest Post.”

Would it be okay if I wrote a Guest Post?

Yes! Send me a submission: musingsofanxphile@gmail.com

I’m on Season “X”. Is it too late/early to join the discussion?

Never! Feel free to chime in wherever /whenever. Don’t be “scurred.”

Why don’t some of the episode numbers match up with their order? Can’t you count?

It’s not me, it’s that mysterious thing called “production order.” Episodes weren’t always aired in the order they were shot.

This is addicting. Where can I find more current, fan-based reviews of The X-Files?

Please check out the “Phile Reviews” category under my links. There’s hours and hours worth of entertaining reading to behold. The insight is out there.

What will you do when this is over?

Cry. And then start watching The X-Files all over again.

Are you available for parties?

Provided you can handle my performance rider… yes.

13 responses to “FAQ

  1. Are you going to do an “X-Files Rant” with the X-Files Truth team? 🙂

  2. Electric Orange

    what happened to the remainder of series 7!?!?!?!

  3. Good question!! I just remembered how much I loved this series the first time around, glued to every episode when I was in high school. Will you do more reviews? They’re great!

  4. Are you going to come back? I’m rapidly catching up to your cut-off point, and am very frightened!


    JUST COME BACK! I need you to mock season 8.

  6. How have I never seen this site?!? Best X-FILES site out there. I see it’s cut off in early season 7….hope you are ok. The writing and sense of humor here are great!

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