Season 7

G.P.A.: 2.99

1. The Sixth Extinction (7×3) B+

2. The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati (7×4) B+

3. Hungry (7×1) B+

4. Millennium (7×5) B+

5. Rush (7×6) B

6. The Goldberg Variation (7×2) C

7. Orison (7×7) B+

8. The Amazing Maleeni (7×8) B

9. Signs and Wonders (7×9) B+

10. Sein und Zeit (7×10) A-

11. Closure (7×11) A-

12. X-Cops (7×12) C+

13. First Person Shooter (7×13) D

14. Theef (7×14) A-

15. En Ami (7×15) B+

16. Chimera (7×16) B+

17. all things (7×17) B

18. Brand X (7×19) B+

19. Hollywood A.D. (7×18) B-

20. Fight Club (7×20) D

21. Je Souhaite (7×21) B

22. Requiem (7×22) A

Season 7 Wrap Up – You don’t want me looking foolish.

10 responses to “Season 7

  1. I’ve spent hours on this site reading your insightful reviews of my favorite show of all time. I recently watched Orison for the first time in several years, and I’d love to hear your take on it! Thanks for the awesome blog!

  2. Hey Salomé, why did you stop after season 7 ? Is it because in all honesty seasons 8 and 9 are really less interesting than the rest of the show ?

  3. I just discovered your reviews, and they’re exactly what I need right now! I’m nodding along with you at every step. If you ever feel the urge to jump back in and finish off the series, I would rejoice!

  4. Soledad Calvo Herrera

    Please! I beg you at least to end season 7. I would love to hear your take on All Things!
    Love your reviews and I agree 100% with them!

  5. Danielle Siegman

    Great reviews! Please keep going with them, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the rest of 7 at least. Also what are your thoughts on the revival, are you excited?

    • Thank you so much! I’m making it my aim to finish the whole thing before the new series starts.

      And I’m a whirlwind of flails about the revival. Seriously. My poor family.

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