Apocrypha 3×16: Is anybody not looking for Krycek?

Those things'll kill you.

I warn you, this will be short. Mainly because though I’ve racked my brain, this isn’t an episode where a lot is revealed or explored. Oh, it’s a fun ride and there are some memorable and iconic moments but there isn’t too much to dig into analysis wise. But without further ado, I’ll give it a shot.

We open with a great black and white teaser. Finally, there are more than just hints about Bill Mulder’s involvement in the conspiracy. We get to glimpse the reluctant conspirator in action. The trust that the poor dying crewman so desperately gives to Bill Mulder is chill inducing. Little does he know that he’s giving his secrets away to an organization far more sinister than the Navy could ever be. Though, really, Young CSM’s face should have given it away. And just who is the third “Man in Black” tagging along with Bill Mulder and CSM? A young Deep Throat, maybe? Another question that’s never answered.

But on to the present day plot, CSM has figured out that Krycek is back in the country and sends his goons to kill a man who’s supposed to already be dead and recover a disk that was supposedly already destroyed. All the while he’s trying to keep his fellow Syndicate members in the dark. This results in a great scene where the Syndicate show some obvious signs of cracks in their armor. CSM gets chastised like an errant child; He’s their errand boy, the flashy muscle a la John Gotti. Well-Manicured Man meets Mulder to gather information and finds out that CSM has been lying. Krycek’s alive and so is the disk. Busted.

In the Syndicate, we have a group of powerful old men who each have a slightly different personal agenda that they’re trying to keep under wraps. Even though they’re ostensibly working together, the elephant in the room is that they can’t really trust each other. It’s a thread just begging to be pulled until the whole mess unravels.

There’s only one glaring hole that gets to me: Why didn’t Hosteen just tell Mulder what was on the tape way back in “Paper Clip” (3×2)?? He memorized the whole thing, did he not? All Mulder has to do is pick up the phone.


I’m starting to realize how little of the mythology I ever understood. I watched it for the effect, not the plot. But now that I’m paying attention the machinations of the Syndicate and their political wars within things are starting to make sense and I’m glad there was a leftover element of The X-Files that I had never fully enjoyed.

Does much actually happen in this episode? Not at all. But it’s like a chessboard where the pieces are slowly moving into position, turn by turn. Krycek is back in the U.S. and presumably buried alive. The Black Oil has made it back to its ship. Mulder again thinks he knows something he has no real proof of. Scully meets her sister’s killer only to have him slip through the fingers of justice. And, my personal joy, Well-Manicured Man is onto CSM’s shenanigans.

Yep. Pieces keep moving. But will there ever actually be a checkmate?

I only wish that Syndicate thread would get pulled a little harder.


Unnecessary Questions:

After the black oil gets back to its ship, then what? Did it fly it out of the silo and we’re just not shown it?

More importantly, how does Krycek ever get out?

Unnecessary Comments:

CSM’s a lot like Mulder. His sits alone in his apartment watching old movies.

Interesting to note that in the early stages of its mythology the Black Oil used actual oil to transmit itself. I’m not sure if that always held true. So I’ll just have to watch carefully.

This is an episode that makes Skinner/Scully Shippers everywhere swoon.

Best Quotes:

Sick Crewman: That thing is still down there. The Navy’ll deny it. But you’ve got to make sure the truth gets out. I can trust you to do that, can’t I, Mr. Mulder?
Young Smoking Man: You can trust all of us.


CSM: Have the bodies destroyed.
Navy Doctor: But sir, these men aren’t dead yet!
CSM: Isn’t that the prognosis?


Frohike: Nothing to it.
Byers: You should call upon our services more often.
Langly: We show talent for these G-man activities.
Mulder: You mean if I want somebody whacked on the knee with a lead pipe?
Frohike: Only if you want the job done right.


Scully: I think the dead are speaking to us, Mulder. Demanding Justice. Maybe that man was right. Maybe we bury the dead alive.

13 responses to “Apocrypha 3×16: Is anybody not looking for Krycek?

  1. I agree with you–re-watching the show I have realized how little of the mythology I understood and/or remembered.

    But I did remember Krycek in the silo. For the love of all that is holy how did he get out of the silo? Does anyone know? It’s been bothering the hell out of me for the past decade or so.

  2. With regards to how Krycek got out of the silo, I think it’s typical Chris Carter to explain it in Tunguska, only to turn around say that it was a lie in Terma.

    As for the Piper Maru/Apocrypha two parter on a whole, I thought it was great, apart from adding the element of the black oil to the series it doesn’t do much, but I think it’s worth it for all the wonderful ‘fan favourite’ moments going on here, like Skinner getting shot, Mulder beating up Krycek, Scully confronting her sister’s killer, the flashback to early CSM/Bill Mulder/Deep Throat (?), I love it.

  3. I’m a bad, bad Phile, but I don’t even remember what cop out they came up with in Tunguska. This may be another X-Files mystery we’ll never learn the answer to… or some proactive person could email Frank Spotnitz at Big Light and see what he says.

  4. I totally got chills at the sound of young CSM’s voice. I assume they just digital-fancy-pantsed William B. Davis’ voice, but maybe that actor was a really good impressionist? I’d be curious to know.

    And Emily: I too remembered the scene with Krycek in the silo on the ship; it’s one of the most memorable scenes we’ve had in a while!

    • I was wondering the same thing! Did they have William B. Davis’s voice coming out of the other actor, or was that really the actor’s voice?! Dying to know, and wikipedia just doesn’t have all the answers sometimes. 😉

      • NVM, just found the answer on CSM’s wikipedia page (versus the “Apocrypha” wikipedia page): yes, his voice was dubbed over. Yay, one more mystery solved. 🙂

  5. may I just add:
    SCULLY: Keep looking for him.
    FULLER: We.. pretty much exhausted our avenues.
    SCULLY: What’s it gonna take?
    CALECA: At this point? Other than a sign from God?
    SCULLY: I’ve seen stranger things, believe me.
    PENDRELL: I believe she has.

  6. This and Piper Maru I thought were among my favorite mythology episodes. I agree with you that nothing really new is revealed, but I enjoyed the exchanged between Mulder Well-Manicured Man…. and also CSM’s relationship with WMM and the others.

  7. Ohmygosh! Am I the only one who caught it? Krycek was trapped in a silo and the door number was 1013, CC’s birthday!

  8. I think this is the better of the Piper Maru/Apocrypha pair. I tried twice and Piper Maru has me pulling out my phone while Apocrypha keeps my attention.

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